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2012: A Year in Review (Part 2)



I started with a recap, along with a look at some of my favourite photos from 2011. I shared my glassware display for the first time. I finished The Sketchbook Project 2012 - Forks and Spoons.


In February I shared one of my favourite collection, my teapots. We celebrated Valentine's Day and I curated a Spring Palette. I started the 21-Day Yoga Challenge, which I found incredibly motivating and inspiring


In March I challenged myself to wear a skirt or dress for an entire month. While I didn't document the entire month (here are weeks one and two), I did complete the challenge and was glad for the opportunity to branch away from pants every day. I had a supernumerary wisdom tooth pulled (and found out I had 6 wisdom teeth total!). I went looking for inspiration downtown Hamilton and found it. I lost my grandfather on the first day of spring.


I hosted ACEO-X (4.0) in April. I updated my glassware display. I dragged Pat to an antique show, where I picked up my first teacup. I saw the Red Hot Chili Peppers in concert, one of the best shows I've ever seen. As soon as the weather turned nice, Pat and I were out hiking around Hamilton. In April we explored Darley Mill and Webster's Falls.


We hiked some of our favourite locations in May, including the Royal Botanical Gardens (with Pat's aunt and uncle), the Devil's Punchbowl and Eramosa Karst. In fact, we discovered Eramosa this month and returned a few times to explore all the different trails. I submitted The Map Project, The Chronicle Project and a photo into an amateur contest. I shared my collection of tiny dishes as well as some of my favourite book quotes, something I'll be sharing more often.


I participated in (but didn't finish) the 30-Day Journal Challenge (parts two and three). I adopted a new friend (that didn't last). I blogged about my painting supplies. I ate tons of asparagus and tomatoes. I curated a Summer Palette and posted some photos inspired by those colours.


I spent most of July painting three pieces for my sister-in-law (started in June). Angie and I started our Sketchbook Project collaboration. I posted an excerpt from my Krez story before heading North on vacation. 


August is the best month of the year - my birthday month! I celebrated in Hamilton with Pat; my mom sent me my gifts in a tantalizing package and my sister-in-law spoiled me early when I went home in July (here are those photos: part one, two, three). Pat and I discovered and explored Christie Lake. I made my 27 List and got a haircut. I showed off some of the vintage finds I picked up from my mom (some previously my grandma's, like this teacup, and great-grandmother's) as well as my updated glassware display. I shared an update on Angie's and my collaborative sketchbook project. I ended the month sporting my new dress (bought for our cousins' weddings).


The month opened with a long weekend up North for Pat's cousin's wedding. I shared the felt and fur hats my gramma gave me (they were her mom's) and the liqueur glasses that were my grandma's. I curated a Fall Palette. I made myself a Chakra key chain. I posted a tutorial for painted number stones. I listed the pros and cons of e-books versus real books.


Instead of going North for Thanksgiving, we saw Neil Young in concert (and then saw my family at the end of October at my cousin's wedding). I ended my "vintage finds" feature with a stack of old cookbooks that were my grandma's. I posted a tutorial for an easy fall banner. To celebrate Ada Lovelace Day I shared a recent feature of mine. Most importantly, I got a job! As a result, we decided to move. I documented my last day off with a photo-an-hour and quickly blogged on my first day. I bought my first Metro pass for commuting.


November was a busy month but a quiet one on the blog. Mom and I went to see Swan Lake and loved it! We moved from Hamilton to Etobicoke (I had one last furry visitor). I shared my third update on Angie's and my collaborative sketchbook project. I hosted ACEO-X (5.0) but it wasn't as successful as previous rounds. I showed some pictures of where I work. And I worked!


December had even fewer posts than November, which is too bad. It went by so fast, I would have liked a bit more of a record of it. For example, I don't have a photo of my housewarming gift from my mom (a gorgeous Jim Shore Santa holding a teapot). Pat surprised me with flowers. I shared photos of my new (to me) wall shelf and my new view. Most exciting (blog-wise) was a comment by Jill K. Berry on the post inspired by her book. I decorated for Christmas with only a few of my ornaments and tree, and went home for a short Christmas holiday, but none of these were documented.

My Favourite Sketchbook Pages

366Pages Sketchbook - January 2012

House of Innovation
Large Sketchbook - February 2012

Year of the Dragon
366Pages Sketchbook - February 2012

Dark Wings, Dark Words
Altered Amber Book - April 2012

Great Escape and Keeping Hope
Large Sketchbook - May 2012

Fabric-Covered Journal - June 2012

I Believe In...
30-Day Journal Challenge - June 2012 

Colour and Dust
Large Sketchbook - August 2012

Black Sketchbook - September 2012

Year That Answer
Green Sketchbook - October 2012

Word Grid
Altered Amber Book - October 2012

Fertile Grounds
Altered Amber Book - October 2012

And now on to 2013!

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