Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Vintage: Tea Cup

While emptying out my grandfather's house after his death (with hopes that my brother's family will be able to buy it and move in), everyone was able to take home some souvenirs. I wasn't there, but my mom knows me well and picked out a few things I'll cherish forever.
The first item I want to show you is this gorgeous tea cup. The second cup in my collection (you can see the first here), this one only has "Japan" written on the bottom. The bright yellow is gorgeous, though a bit hard to capture - it isn't quite as pale as the photo above, and not quite as lurid as this one below:
The flower (a rose? Chrysanthemum?) is also bright and definitely hand-painted. I like that it's on both the saucer and inside the cup (the yellow in these photos is a bit closer to the mark):
My favourite parts are the little details - the scalloped rim and foot, the gold design on the handle - and the fact that the yellow is only on the inside of the cup.
A great start to my collection of tea cups!

Are you a tea cup collector? What are your favourite patterns?


Kate said...

What a lovely tea cup to treasure!

Angie said...

Very pretty! Maybe a dahlia flower?