Saturday, August 11, 2012

Project 52 - 29-32/52

I missed a few week - here's a recap.

Week 29:
Liir in his shot glass - so cute!

Week 30:
Fabulous sunset on the water (up North, after a nice boat ride).

Week 31:
A close-up of a journal page - I love the colours and scallops.

Week 32:
Butterfly at Christie Lake (they were all over the place!).

I'd love it if you'd participate with me in this challenge! The rules are simple - take 1 photo a week, for 52 weeks. No theme, just a photo of something that sparked your interest during the week. Feel free to use my Project 52 banner as well. Either right click on the image above and save it on your computer, or follow this link and download it from Flickr.

Once you've taken your photo, post it online somewhere and add your link in the submission box below.

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