Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween

Pat and I have a standing tradition of carving pumpkins for Halloween (mostly for the seeds, but having them lit for trick-or-treaters is a bonus now that we actually get them!). Here are our masterpieces this year:
The Lego man is Pat's, the haunted house is mine. I'm actually really proud of mine this year - I sketched it free-hand based on a design I found online and it turned out perfectly. This is the first time I was able to "half-carve" out some sections (the windows) effectively. Yay!

And of course - the liquid gold reward:

Here's hoping we don't run out of candy this year - we have 6 big bowls full (up from 4 last year)!

Happy Halloween everyone!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Pregnancy: Week 26-28

I'm so glad I'm taking these bi-weekly photos - I didn't think I'd gotten much bigger until I looked back at the last photos we took, at week 22:

And here I am at week 26 (+4 days):
Pretty big difference! It's obvious I'm now in my third trimester, that's for sure!

And here I am today, at week 28 (+ 2 days):
Not a big change in size, just shape. I've noticed lately that the shape of my belly changes (depending on how little man is sitting). Today, my bump almost looks pointy. Often, he'll be more on the right side of my belly button. So funny!

And, just for my mom, here's my naked belly today (don't mind my sleepy face.. I may have just woken up from a nap...):
I have to say - I've been really enjoying being pregnant. I love my belly. I love feeling him moving around in there, kicking and prodding and rolling. I've also been incredibly lucky in having a very easy pregnancy. Let's hope the next 12 weeks go by just as easily!

We've finally started the big project that is the nursery. We started painting last week - Pat's putting on the second coat of blue paint this weekend. We picked up a lovely, soft grey rug last weekend. We've pretty much decided on our crib (just need to order it). Everything is coming along.. I just want it done. I'll feel so much better once that room is finished! I'll be sure to share photos once it is!

Monday, October 3, 2016

2016 Goals: September

The months just continue to fly by! I want October to slow down - it's one of my favourite months and I would like to enjoy it to the fullest!

16 GOALS FOR 2016:
  1. Read 30 books. 31/30 (YES!) 
  2. Try 16 new Ottolenghi recipes. 5/16
  3. Try 16 new (loose-leaf) teas. 16/16 
  4. Put up shelves and organize craft room. Make it inspiring. (There's still some organizing to do, but this is mostly complete. Our rowing machine has been moved down here and it doesn't feel cluttered, so I consider that a win.)
  5. Finish Amber art book - this year I WILL! (Only a few pages left!)
  6. Work in sketchbook daily. (Not daily, but at least weekly.)
  7. Blog weekly. (A slump compared to August, but hopefully cooler weather will help inspire me to cozy up under the laptop)
  8. Finish 2 cross-stitch samplers. (My goal for this month is to finish November and start on December.)
  9. Travel somewhere new. (Eastern Canada)
  10. Sign up for and pass my SOCRA certification.
  11. Make an inventory of all my books. (This has been on my to-do list for so long.. I really want to get it done this year!)
  12. Wake up earlier and practice yoga every morning evening. (I started a 30min daily routine last week and so far so good!)
  13. Make a weekly meal plan and prep veggies on the weekend. (Keeping up with this one pretty consistently.)
  14. Get rid of junk we never use (i.e. downsize our "things") and organize storage and spare spaces. (Step one: wardrobe (half done at this point). Step two: under-the-stairs storage.)
  15. Work on making the backyard nicer (plant flowers, landscape, garden). (At this point, this goal is pretty low priority..)
  16. Set reminders in my phone to make me check in on my goals at least monthly (and blog about it). (8/12 monthly reviews - missed June.)
This month I will continue to work on #8 & #14 and put a dent into #2.

What goals have you crossed off your list lately?