Saturday, October 29, 2016

Pregnancy: Week 26-28

I'm so glad I'm taking these bi-weekly photos - I didn't think I'd gotten much bigger until I looked back at the last photos we took, at week 22:

And here I am at week 26 (+4 days):
Pretty big difference! It's obvious I'm now in my third trimester, that's for sure!

And here I am today, at week 28 (+ 2 days):
Not a big change in size, just shape. I've noticed lately that the shape of my belly changes (depending on how little man is sitting). Today, my bump almost looks pointy. Often, he'll be more on the right side of my belly button. So funny!

And, just for my mom, here's my naked belly today (don't mind my sleepy face.. I may have just woken up from a nap...):
I have to say - I've been really enjoying being pregnant. I love my belly. I love feeling him moving around in there, kicking and prodding and rolling. I've also been incredibly lucky in having a very easy pregnancy. Let's hope the next 12 weeks go by just as easily!

We've finally started the big project that is the nursery. We started painting last week - Pat's putting on the second coat of blue paint this weekend. We picked up a lovely, soft grey rug last weekend. We've pretty much decided on our crib (just need to order it). Everything is coming along.. I just want it done. I'll feel so much better once that room is finished! I'll be sure to share photos once it is!

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