Tuesday, October 17, 2017

8 Months Old

I've been meaning to get this post up for a couple of weeks now - before the lines start blurring and I no longer know what milestones Marc reached in months 8 or 9. I'm going to try to keep this to things he was doing 2 weeks ago (already there are new things he can do!). This little man is growing way way WAY too quickly!
This month wasn't so much about learning new tricks as it was about finessing. Marc is practising everything he can do: crawling, standing, climbing, walking and exploring everything he can get his hands (and mouth) on. He can creep all the way around the living room now - from TV stand to window to chair to couch. He's still army crawling, but is really trying to lift his belly more and more. He can climb up the stairs like a pro (mastered that on his first try!) and opens any drawer he gets his hands on. He's getting stronger and stronger every day.
He has his two bottom teeth and 2 bumps at the top (the two beside the two front teeth). Those bumps have been there a while though - a lot longer than the bottom ones before those erupted. They've come through now, but they weren't out yet when Marc turned 8 months. He's babbling a lot more, making tons of "nanana" and "bababa" and similar sounds. He gives the sweetest "kisses" (mouth wide open - "aaaaah" - eyes closed, shaking his head side to side as he head butts you). He eats like a champ (though dislikes any new vegetables until he's tried them a few times, usually mixed with a favourite) and has 3 solid meals now (plus his morning bottle). I'm still making all of his food and having so much fun with it.
Marc loves the pool: we're there at least twice a week. We went downtown twice (he was amazing on the train both times). We go to a drop-in session at an early years centre (in an old age home) once a week - he loves investigating all the new toys there, especially the big trucks. We bought a little cart / toy box on wheels at IKEA and he loves pushing it back and forth across the living room (on his knees as it rolls too fast for him to get up... or at least it was up until a couple of days ago). Marc loves books and is constantly pulling them off his (or my) bookshelf and pages through them (or munches on them).
We secured daycare this month. I'm so not looking forward to February! It's going to be hard. He'll have his own little life that I'm not a part of anymore... but he'll be fine. Once we settle into a routine, I know he's going to love it.
Marc is the best part of each day. Watching him with his daddy makes my heart explode every time. Here's to another fun-filled month of discovery! 

Friday, October 13, 2017

Sketchbook Pages: Week 40

This daily sketchbook practice is getting more and more routine. If I miss a day, I get right back into it. After years of having "sketchbook daily" as an annual goal, I can finally cross it off! Of course, although I may not include it as a goal for next year, this is a ritual that I hope to continue.

10/1 Cornucopia
10/2 Our Weekly Schedule

10/3 Crushing It
10/4 Strong

10/6 Work It

10/7 Family

Materials used:
  • assorted scrapbooking paper
  • markers
  • ballpoint pen

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Sketchbook Pages: Week 39

As you saw in my last post, I started working in a new sketchbook for my daily pages. This is an old sketchbook that I started back in 2012 for 366 Pages. Anyway, I challenged myself this week to only use the simplest of materials and techniques: pens, pencils, markers and lots of doodling and mark making. The sheer simplicity meant I was more likely to quickly scribble out a page... and subsequently be inspired to do more.

9/23 Shift
9/24 Pastel Shapes

9/26 8 Months
9/27 Bubblegum

9/28 Fall Temperatures
9/29 Swim
Materials used:
  • markers
  • pencil crayons
  • ballpoint pen

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Sketchbook Pages: Creative Journey

I was planning on taking photos of my sketchbook today to catch up on my daily pages... but it's pouring rain now with very poor lighting for a photoshoot. So I browsed through my September folder and found these photos I never shared. So here's another look into my Creative Journey altered book - a place to play and experiment with new techniques and materials and not feel the need to "finish" anything.
I love this little book: it's fun, plain and simple.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

2017 Goals: September

Some more decent progress - looking forward to another intentional month!

17 GOALS FOR 2017:
  1. Read 30 books. (13/30)
  2. Finish 2 cross-stitch patterns. (1/2)
  3. Finish Amber art book and start a new one. (3 pages to go)
  4. Take monthly baby and family photos. (9/12)
  5. Journal or sketchbook daily. (25/30)
  6. Set a schedule for blogging (weekly) (3/4), crafting (daily) (22/30) and getting out of the house (3-4x weekly) (4/4).
  7. Make and freeze meals for post-partum. 
  8. Gather 10 good crockpot recipes. (4/10)
  9. Set a routine for exercising (3-4x weekly). (2/4 - started classes at the community centre and incorporating some yoga and rowing)
  10. Catalogue library. (no progress)
  11. Organize, declutter, minimize, purge. (rearranged the kitchen and pantry: love it!)
  12. Figure out cloth-diapering (not sure I'm going to go this route), nursing/pumping and making baby food (so much fun!)
  13. Stay in touch with friends while on maternity leave. (yes)
  14. Be intentional deepening relationship with Pat. Set weekly date nights. (4/4 - still nothing too fancy, but spending time together is what counts)
  15. Go to a weekly drop-in session or mother/baby class. (4/4)
  16. Make a fabric book and a colour sorting game for Marc. (0/2)
  17. Use fresh herbs and tomatoes from the garden as much as possible and preserve them come the fall. (used herbs and tomatoes in pasta bakes, salads and while roasting meat or vegetables)

Monday, October 2, 2017

Sketchbook Pages: Week 38

Oops! I'm a week behind! In fact, I didn't blog at all last week... we were busier than usual with a visit from my mom, a trip downtown to visit my friend from out of town, and the beginning of our new fall schedule of classes at the community centre. This week I'm going to make blogging catch-up a priority... starting with week 38 in my sketchbook:

9/17 Blue Mood

9/18 Thinking Green

9/19 Stormy

9/20 Purple Radish

9/21 Candied Cherries

9/22 Crazy Layers

Materials used:
  • assorted papers (scrapbooking, handmade, vintage)
  • ballpoint pen
  • pencil crayons