Sunday, January 14, 2018

2017 Goals Review

2017 was an amazing year. I can't believe it's already over. This year will always remain close to my heart as the year I became a mom; the year I grew and changed the most; the year where my priorities shifted from me to him, from the two of us to the three of us. In many ways, it was a difficult transition. But coming out on the other side, I wish I could relive it over and over again. Slow down and just be more present. Not worry about him not sleeping on his back and just enjoy having him asleep in my arms. Not worry about how he was being fed and just enjoy feeding him. Still, I do think I truly embodied my word of the year: savour. I tried to savour each and every moment, even the hard ones. And as we settled into routines (ever shifting routines, but routines nonetheless), it did get easier. These last few months have been pure joy... and I'm so sad it's over (and yet so grateful I've had over a year to enjoy this new little love).  

I just looked back and realized I never posted a goals update for November. Ah well - I haven't been blogging much lately. It seems like I can only focus on one or two hobbies at any time. I just don't have the time (or the concentration) for any more than that! And since I can't easily pull out my laptop without little fingers constantly trying to push keys or pull on the screen... I just haven't bothered. Still, I do enjoy blogging and really love being able to look back at older posts, remembering trips and projects and little moments of joy. So I'm keeping blogging on my goals list for 2018... but more on that later. First, let's review my goals from 2017:

17 GOALS FOR 2017:
  1. Read 30 books. (17/30 = 57%)
  2. Finish 2 cross-stitch patterns. (1/2 = 50%)
  3. Finish Amber art book and start a new one. (did NOT finish)
  4. Take monthly baby and family photos. (12/12 = 100%)
  5. Journal or sketchbook daily. (294/365 = 81%)
  6. Set a schedule for blogging (weekly) (40/52 = 77%), crafting (daily) (218/365 = 60%) and getting out of the house (3-4x weekly). (47/52 = 90%)
  7. Make and freeze meals for post-partum.
  8. Gather 10 good crockpot recipes. (5/10 = 50%)
  9. Set a routine for exercising (3-4x weekly). (14/52 = 27%)
  10. Catalogue library. (NOT done)
  11. Organize, declutter, minimize, purge. (some progress)
  12. Figure out cloth-diapering, nursing/pumping and making baby food. (3/3 = 100%)
  13. Stay in touch with friends while on maternity leave. (done)
  14. Be intentional deepening relationship with Pat. Set weekly date nights. (52/52 = 100%)
  15. Go to a weekly drop-in session or mother/baby class. (21/25 = 84%)
  16. Make a fabric book and a colour sorting game for Marc. (NOT done)
  17. Use fresh herbs and tomatoes from the garden as much as possible and preserve them come the fall. (done)
I mean, wow! I think this has been the most successful of any of my yearly goals lists! I'm pleased with myself. The only goal that I usually manage to crush no problem - reading - is a bit disappointing. But like I said: it was impossible to keep up with all the hobbies I enjoy. I had to balance those with other activities, exercise, housework and baby care. So throughout the year, I went through different waves of creativity: some months I spent more time painting, others stitching. And I'm OK with that. Once I go back to work, things are only going to get busier... so I guess this was a little preview on how things will continue to be. One small bonus is that I have a solid hour plus of commuting time that I can devote to reading!

Looking back, one thing that really helped me keep track of my goals - and work towards accomplishing them - was my goals journal. This journal started out as a bullet journal, but since I prefer to keep an actual agenda instead of creating my own, it turned into a goals tracker. And I loved it. I've already started updating it for 2018. I'll share some photos with my next post outlining my 2018 goals.

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