Friday, November 30, 2007

Hearts - will you be my 100th?

WOW!! I just checked and I have 95 hearts!! I've decided to give a FREE button bracelet to whoever give me my 100th heart. Check out my shop! It could be you!!

Whoever it is can choose whichever bracelet they want, or I can always make a custom or surprise one.

Will it be you?

Featuring: Earmark

So I've been putting off this feature... I don't really feel like writing one today. One every day gets tiring after a while. I was even coming up with excuses, telling myself it'd be alright, I'd just catch up tomorrow. I'm pretty lazy when it comes to actual work...

But then I looked at Earmark's shop. I figured I could at least do that. And am I ever glad I did!! This shop is filled with all sorts of lovely paperie, in clean, fresh and modern designs. Bridgette and Mike run this shop, and use only recycled paper. The greener the better! Custom order are always welcome ~ maybe a personalized card? Just send them a message. Gift packaging is also available, just ask.

Here are some of my favourites ~ I'll mostly let these great pictures (and links) do the talking! First, up at the top, some lovely holiday call of the wild cards. I love the bright plaid and the simple deer silhouette. Please note that the white square you see is part of the packaging, not the card!

Next, here is a lovely notecard ~ let someone know how you really feel! These "you're the best" are sweet and simple, in a soft yellow. These are very versatile cards ~ they could be used as a congrats or thank you or thinking of you... they would cover just about all your everyday needs!

These lovely cards are also for everyday use. The cute little bird graphic is sure to bring whoever receives the card a smile. The card reads: "it's been a long time since..." so again, very versatile.

This parade journal is the perfect handy little notebook to carry around for all those spur-of-the-moment ideas you might have. The cover print (which wraps around the back) is stunning ~ white and green elephants parading around on a striking blue and green design.

Please drop by this shop, there is so much I haven't shown you, you just must see for yourself! You better hurry too, so that you can get all your Christmas cards and tags before the holidays! You can also find them in an actual brick and mortar store in Cyd's Gourmet Cafe, Peoria, Illinois, or online at their website. Soon, you'll also be able to find them at My My, Hatboro, Pennsylvania and online at indiefixxshops. As usual, stop by their blog for some more great features!

Thursday, November 29, 2007


WOW!! I just posted a new accordion-style memory book, and it's a beauty!! Family Matters, also known to me as The Sister I Never Had, turned out so nicely, I'm really pleased. It started out as a fall notebook, as you can see by the colour scheme, but it ended up being the perfect family keepsake! I think this would be so neat: if a couple of sisters bought it for their mom, and each took turns filling out a page... what a lovely gift, something you'd want to turn back to again and again, to flip through the pages, pull the mementos out of the envelopes, and reminisce. *sigh* I always wanted a sister...

Anyway, I just thought I would post some more pictures, so you can have a better idea on what it looks like!

And now for each of the layouts:

I hope that isn't too confusing to look at. I think I put them in a logical order! Anyway, I have more new button bracelets, beaded jewelry and a snowflake notebook to post soon, so keep an eye out for them!

Featuring: signaturesterling

Today I'm featuring signaturesterling, another great shop filled with beautiful beaded jewelry! All the beads used are genuine (a mix of Swarovski crystals, semiprecious gemstones, Czech glass and lampwork beads) and the silver you see is sterling, unless otherwise noted. Also take a look at her line of Buckeye (Ohio State) jewelry which showcases life-like lampwork buckeye beads.

I stuck to a theme while choosing items to show you (there were that many favourites!) ~ can you guess it? Christmas, of course! Starting out with this beautiful deep forest bracelet. These lovely green stones are called kambaba jasper, and the bracelet also features black jasper and Swarovski crystals . A brilliant addition to your holiday jewelry collection ~ one that can be worn throughout the year.

How about a bit of red? This garnet nest ring is sure to grab some attention for you. The juicy garnet berries are nestled in a sterling nest, ready for all your gift giving needs.

Hmm.. personally, I don't think winter is complete without some snowmen. Without lots of snowmen. Here's a really cute frosty necklace that has a snowman pendant and some matching lampwork mittens. The beautiful frosty glass, complemented with crystals and snowflake obsidian rounds, is sure to give you chills while the cute little face will definitely warm your heart.

Candy canes are another must-have during the holiday season, but instead of the sweets, you'll be craving these peppermint earrings. In a refreshing bright red, these large Czech glass beads make perfect earrings that you can wear throughout the holidays for that extra dose of cheer.

While you're browsing through signaturesterling, don't forget to check out the JET holiday sale section. There, you'll find these delightful mama ice earrings, that remind me both of icicles and snowmen. Snowlady, sorry. Her hat of jet black Swarovski crystal tops off a shapely body of faceted round crystals. A simple, contemporary design that is perfect for the snowman lover (especially as a year-round piece). Oh yeah... and they're on sale!!

Be sure to check out the shop announcements for important holiday deadlines ~ you definitely want these pieces before Christmas! And don't worry, there's lots more in store! Please drop by her blog too, and read about all the amazing artists in this 90 day challenge.

I couldn't resist...

Ok.. I'm terrible. Really. But... I just couldn't resist. I saw this little lovebird a couple months ago on the front page of Etsy. I, of course, immediately marked her as favourite, and checked out her creator, misseskwittys. There were a couple other lovebirds in store (and I might have to get this sage one, depending on my money situation after Christmas... and if he's still around), but this one... there's just something about her.

I just couldn't resist. Last night I was cleaning up my favourites, and I came across her (again). I had resisted a couple of times before, but this time... this time she's mine.

I might also have picked up one of these adorable evergreen ornaments, from CreationsByRobin:I know, I'm terrible. I really can't be spending the money. But look. Look!! How could I resist?

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Featuring: sweetirie

I just love beaded jewelry ~ beads are so pretty, in all their different shapes, sizes, colours and finishes. I particularly love beads that sparkle with different colours, depending on the lighting. If you're looking for lovely beaded jewelry, then look no further than sweetirie. If fact, you're in luck: sweetirie is having a sale right now: buy two get one FREE!! That's right, purchase any two items from sweetirie, and get a third one FREE!!! Plus, you can take advantage of her lowered shipping, now only through the holidays!

Be sure to take a look at her clearance section too, where you'll find a nice selection of items at a reduced price. These volcano earrings are my favourite ~ see how the lovely beads reflect shades of yellow, red and green? Absolutely stunning!

Trying to decide on what to get? Let me show you a few that I like that are sure to be a hit with someone on your holiday list. Like this fruity anklet ~ an original gift in soft hues that can be paired with just about everything. This is the perfect addition to that little black dress, or that pretty skirt you were planning on wearing to dinner. I love the contrast between the shiny freshwater pearls and the clear brilliance of the blue crystals.

Need something else to get one free? What about this lovely firestorm bracelet? You can then get the matching firestorm earrings for free!! It doesn't get much better than that! The large genuine moonstones are really complimented well with the Swarovski blue zircon crystals and the peach glass pearls ~ these two bright colours reflects the lustrous fiery shimmer of the moonstone. Silver spacer beads add to the sparkle you are definitely going to want to be wearing!

One last piece to show you ~ a gorgeous necklace that you are definitely going to want! This crazy beautiful necklace is just that: an incredibly striking piece. Made with Swarovski vintage rose crystals and creamy glass pearls, the asymmetry of this design adds a touch of flair to an otherwise simple piece. This is a perfect necklace for a blushing bride, or her bridal party.. or for anyone who has a party to attend. Or maybe prom? I think this versatile necklace will be worn again and again by whoever gets it first!

This amazing shop was founded in 2005, when an addition was made to its creator's family. A kitten was adopted and named Irie, which means supreme joy ~ quite fitting for a rambunctious kitty! Sweetirie is more than happy to make a custom order for you, but does require a 50% deposit. You will work with her to create the exact piece you want and get a sketch before she starts making it, so I think it's well worth it. To request your custom design, email her at Please see her profile for more information on custom orders, gift certificates, shipping and jewelry care.

Stop by this shop for all your beaded needs! On MySpace? Check her out there too, or on her blog, where she's featuring other artists in the 90 day challenge!

Treasury! And a Christmas Cracker Swap!!

I just made it into treasury west! :) I'm so addicted to this! This one features lovely shades of brown with winter jewel tones - such as emerald, ruby and sapphire. So pretty!!

I realize it's been forever since I've written about myself... I promise to post an update soon! I have a ton of pictures I'm sorting through to decide which to post, so as soon as I'm done... I've also been quite busy writing my thesis (or pretending to) ~ the rough draft is due in less than 2 weeks. Yikes!

I'm also participating in a Christmas cracker swap, hosted by Carolyn over at Magpie-Pixie. My swap partner is Amy, from Ruby Moon Art. I'm really excited! I've pretty much decided what to stuff the cracker with, and how to decorate it, but I haven't been able to find a snapper yet... I might have to just buy a pack of 10 crackers at the drug store, just for that. Seems like a bit of a waste, but what's a cracker without the snap?

So I've been quite crafty for that, and I've made a couple of necklace and earring sets (one for me, my mom... and I should be posting one soon), a few notebooks, bracelets... I'm slowly posting them on Etsy. Why don't you check out my newest listings: cranberries in the snow and black and white.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Featuring: Kreative Mindz

Today my featured shop is run by a team of crafty individuals. The mastermind behind KreativeMindz is Aly, who is joined by her husband Beau and best friend An-G in making an assortment of unique handcrafted goods. Aly and An-G specialize in sewing, including clothing, Goddess wraps, hot packs, purses / bags / wallets, cuffs and much, much more.

What are Goddess wraps you ask? Goddess wraps are versatile hair wraps, that wrap around your head and hold everything ~ even those pesky little wispy hairs around the ears and cowlick! They're called Goddess wraps because you will definitely feel like a goddess with such gorgeous fabric keeping bad hair at bay! These are a few of my favourites from the large listing of Goddess wraps in KreativeMindz ~ at the top you'll find some florals, and at the bottom, you'll find the stripes. The first green and pink striped one is very reminiscent of an apron I recently purchased for my gramma ~ I'm not sure she would know what to do with this though. :P

Aly was born and raised by artists, her mom a painter and her dad a photographer, so creating has always been a part of her life. She took up sewing at 15 and has been in love with it ever since ~ she really enjoys seeing what can be done with all the different fibers available out there. Aly is currently a stay-at-home mom, taking care of 2 children. There are 7 years between her son and daughter, and during this time was when she took on a career in the movies! Aly designed sets and such, but being away from home can be hard ~ once her daughter was born, she decided to stay at home for good. I'm sure she is no less busy, but a lot more comfortable and happy!

An-G is also a talented seamstress, and has been sewing for a long time too. She recently graduated from veterinary school, and is working as a vet! She is currently engaged to be married, so keep a eye on this shop ~ these crafty people are sure to get her new husband to lend a hand!

Here is a beautiful skirt made by An-G. A long, elemental spinner skirt, it isn't hemmed yet ~ so it's going to be the perfect length for you! The front and back panels feature four elements: air (in white clouds and flowers), water (in blue), earth (in brown) and nature (the green). The side panels are in a grey-brown San Fransisco corduroy. I just love that this skirt means something... I imagine I would feel very balanced in such a skirt. It is so striking, you are sure to be asked where you found it, over and over.

Beau, on the other hand, is into more manly crafts ~ he's a skilled carpenter, and you can find wooden boxes and signs in store. Here is my favourite box in store: it features a tribal tree sunburst on the lid. A simple box that looks well and durably made, this would be a great gift for the holidays. You could quickly and easily fill it with a few smaller items (like a Goddess wrap, or jewelry, or any stocking stuffers), and there you have it! A perfect gift for just about anyone!

Here is one more piece that has really caught my attention. This autumn harvest wall hanging was made for the EAST (a street team I'm assuming) autumn challenge by Aly. Lovely fabric appliqued by hand, and a handmade frame (courtesy of Beau) make this one of a kind artwork a lovely addition to any home. The bright and warm yellow-orange leaves and sun will add a bit of cheer to any room, but I think it would be especially charming in a kitchen, or in the dining room. Simply lovely!

Do stop by this shop, and please don't hesitate to contact them if you have anything in mind ~ they love doing custom orders. You can also email them at if you'd like to be added to their mailing list (where you'll be kept up to date on sales and new items). To check out their work, find them on MySpace, Flickr or Hyena cart. As always, take a peek at their blog if you want to see more features on the lovely artists taking part in this challenge!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Featuring: lostmitten

Oh, I'm excited! My featured seller today is Canadian!! Lauren, the creator behind lostmitten, lives in Brantford, Ontario with her fiance, Paul. That's really quite close to here!! Lauren is quite crafty, dabbling in needlework, jewelry and button pin making as well as paper crafts and journal making. It is also pretty evident that she is a huge video game addict! From old school Nintendo and Super Nintendo to the newer Wii, you'll find quite a few items in lostmitten inspired by video games. Which makes a perfect gift for any gamer on your list!

Just look at that cute little ring! Who doesn't recognize that green 1 up mushroom? In fact, I read somewhere that, for kids today, Mario is more recognizable than Mickey Mouse. Makes sense ~ what kid doesn't own some sort of a game console these days? Now you can show off your love of old school Mario with this funky little ring. It's adjustable too, so it's sure to fit whoever you give it to!

Speaking of old school Mario, how cool are these coasters? They are made with Perler beads and have a glow in the dark background, so you can be sure to locate your drink during the movie! Each coaster features one of the power ups you find in the original Mario games ~ the invincibility star, the red power up and green 1 up mushrooms and the fire flower. This is a perfect gift for those teens going off to university ~ make sure they don't ruin their desk and coffee tables in style!

Ok, I promise no more Mario... but just a little more geekery! :) These cute little kawaii buttons showcase a couple of surprised looking pigs and some adorable bunnies. I have to admit though... I'm not really sure what Kawaii is exactly. I think it has something to do with these little animals and cute vegetables with smiley faces... Either way, whether you know what it means or not, these pins are sure to make you smile!

Still too geek for you? Well don't go away, lostmitten has a little something for everyone. Take a look at this gorgeous crocheted scarf ~ it is simple elegance! The pretty cream colour and scalloped edges are sure to add a dose of femininity to any outfit ~ perfect for any night out, or that trip to the spa / salon. And the design is light and delicate enough to be wearable throughout winter, spring and summer (for those cool evenings). Simply stunning!

Lastly, I couldn't finish without posting a bracelet ~ and a button bracelet at that! You won't find much resemblance to my button bracelets though, but these buttons show off some beautiful Japanese Washi paper and Brazilian marble paper to create a wonderful retro look. The rich blue turquoise tones are perfect for the season!

Those are my favourites ~ now it's your turn to take a look through lostmitten and find yours! Maybe you'll even cross a few people off your holiday shopping list! Remember that lostmitten is willing to do custom orders, so be sure to ask (especially if you see a design you like but want altered, or see something from her sold items you'd like duplicated). Also be sure to stop by her website and blog for more 90 day challenge features!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Featuring: Craftymoose

Well, this feature was meant to be posted earlier, but Craftymoose's shop announcements declared that she was at a craft show Saturday, and updating her inventory on Sunday. I just wanted to wait until she was done before I chose some items to feature. I'm not sure if she's done (are we ever done updating our shops?), but I'm going to go ahead with this post now anyway.

Craftymoose is a very unique name ~ derived from owner Debbie's love of crafts and her husband's love of moose. Which reminds me a lot of my grandparents. My grandpa hunts moose, and my grandma would love so many things in store ~ especially the pretty suncatchers and the lovely French beaded flowers. There's also a little something for everyone, including collectible art cards (ACEOs), lovely treasure boxes and cute holiday decorations.

Speaking of beaded flowers, aren't these blue orchids gorgeous?! Three stems with blue and yellow flowers and three green leaves each are beautifully arranged in a pretty glass vase, ready for gift giving or display in your home. Display that won't need watering, and won't die!

Debbie, as seems innate to many crafters, has created things her whole life. She has delved into painting, needlework, quilting, polymer clay, jewelry making and more recently, beading, especially those lovely french beaded flowers. As often the case, custom orders are welcome ~ so if you see something you like but something is just not to your taste, just ask for your own custom order!

Suncatchers remind me of my gramma ~ she always has a few in her kitchen and living room windows. Hummingbirds also really remind me of my gramma ~ at her cottage, she would always have a few feeders, and I would help her make the sugar syrup. A couple of summer there were a lot of them, the males with their ruby throats fighting for the biggest and brightest red feeder. In combination, this beaded hummingbird suncatcher would be perfect for her, or any bird lover. It would look lovely hanging in the window, the bright red, green and shiny peach beads catching the light. This little guy is just so cute!

I've been meaning to start making and collecting ACEOs. These small art cards are just so pretty! I recently bought a few for my nephew, and they are all done really well. Maybe after the holidays I'll get started on my own collection ~ I'll definitely have to bookmark this puzzled garden ACEO by Craftymoose. A sweet and intricate flower garden is broken into puzzle pieces ~ and for depth, a real piece of a puzzle was glued on: it's the one in the second row, first column (check the listing for a close up). How very unique!

I think I've mentioned my and my mom's love of snowmen before. And honestly, during the winter, nothing is cuter than a couple of white snowballs topped with a hat and carrot! This little holiday decoration is named Chilly Billy and is simply adorable! With a sweet 'let it snow' sign and an armful of snowballs, this little guy is ready to help you begin the holiday celebrations!

So now why don't you head on over to Craftymoose, and make sure to mark them as favourites so you can check back again and again. While you're at it, you should check out her blog (you'll find more features of great Etsy artists in the 90 day challenge) and website too.