Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My poster

Alright, so I mentioned that I went shopping at the McMaster bookstore. I got my mom a "McMaster MOM" sweatshirt (not for Christmas though, since I'm done for her and she paid for it), and a few other things for Christmas... and I couldn't resist picking up this shirt. It's a gorgeous shade of green! Don't I look all student-y.

And here's me being Vanna White for my poster. Yes, that's a Floyd poster on our closet door... but it's such a cool poster! Never mind that ~ isn't my poster amazing?? I had to print it out myself and everything (ok, on campus with a special printer, but still ~ I had to carry around this black tube that kind of looked like a Bazooka gun or a quiver for my bow and arrow ~ and since I forgot my usb key and poster at home, I had to make the trip to campus with this thing twice... it was great!!!

Hmm... speaking of poster, I should really read a few papers to prepare for that... First I have to go check on a recording, add a drug into my preparation that's running now, and do my 90day challenge feature (plus I have to do one for Friday and Saturday when I'll be gone..). What a busy day!!!


creativesundries said...

Wow, Amanda--that is impressive!!

Sarah :-)

Kara Lennox said...

Ah, now I get it! Cool, and congrats!

donnarose said...

very nice
now I understand

paintingpam said...

Congrats on going to a conference!!