Friday, November 16, 2007

Featuring: kala

Well, I'm in Rhode Island at the most beautiful hotel I have ever been in ~ these king size beds are like giant pillows!! So comfy!! The conference starts in an hour, so I apologize if this is a shorter feature than usual.

Kala is a professional artist and illustrator from the UK, this time in Cambridge. In fact, if you're from the UK, then you'll benefit from FREE shipping! If not, don't worry, because she offers discounts for international shoppers. Her name is Karen and she has two children (where do all these mothers find the time??).

Her shop carries stationery, gifts and accessories for weddings and christenings. She also has a passion for collage, illustration and textiles, so you're sure to find something you like in store! As (almost) always, she's more than happy to take a custom order if you have something specific in mind. She also co-operate (with a friend) another store on Etsy, called upwiththelark, which also carries a large variety of items.

I was only able to browse through her shop quickly, but it was easy finding favourite items. Like that gorgeous orchid print. So simple and peaceful, it is sure to add a touch of beauty to any room.

This snowflake lightcatcher would make a perfect gift for the holidays. Beautiful midnight blue and silvery white beads hang from clear craft string along with a few clusters of beads and diamond shaped mirrors. If you hurry you may find a few other snowflake ornaments ~ these would look stunning in a group near a window.

This pretty pink butterfly is meant for a nursery or little girls room, but the pretty pink patterns would look amazing in a kitchen. An adorable collage of floral and gingham paper on a soft pink background ~ sure to make you smile!!

Finally, my brother is getting married next summer and I thought this card would be so cute for my future sister-in-laws shower gift. A pretty collaged cake with a glittery heart of rhinestones ~ what a perfect touch!

This is only a small selection of pieces, so drop into Karen's shop and browse, browse, shop shop shop!! Do be sure to check out her website and blog too!!

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Karen Jinks said...

Thank you for the lovely feature, best wishes for 2008!