Thursday, November 22, 2007

Another treasury? What luck!

Yeah, that's right ~ I'm really lucky with treasuries! Now I have one in treasury west as well as the main treasury. Please check them both out!!

Green Envy is the same treasury I've had in the west before, so scroll down if you want to see a pic of it. Or better yet, click the link! This one is featuring the wonderful artists of CCCOE, as described below. The more you click, the better my chances of winning!
UPDATE: OK, that one didn't last very long, but I did get yet another one! This one is called Lovely, just lovely ~ and I've included some of my absolute favourite artists on Etsy! The four alternates are amazing too, so I will try to alternate a bit. And I will try to get a picture up as soon as I get home!

Pretty in Pink, AKA Mini Blog is featuring some of my favourite artists doing their best in blush. The wonderful folks over at Mini Blog will pick a treasury (and its creator) to feature on the front page of Mini Blog. What a wonderful opportunity!

On a sad, stressful, worrisome note, Pat (my boy friend) has been sick for almost a week now. He's had a killer headache / migraine ~ light, motion and noise sensitive, we went to emerg a couple days ago. The doctor gave him something that didn't help, so he recommended not to take any pain killers for 2 days. Then go see our family doctor. Last night was really bad, he couldn't take it anymore ~ so he took some painkillers and was finally able to sleep through the night. This morning, he still wasn't feeling better, but almost. Hopefully he'll be better by tonight and on his way to feeling more like himself. Poor guy ~ it worries me so much, I just want to do something to help, but there's nothing to be done.

Otherwise, I've been getting quite a few packages everyday, but I haven't taken any pictures yet. I will try to before I start packaging and wrapping things for Christmas and birthdays. I still have to empty my camera of pictures from Rhode Island.. so hopefully I'll get around to doing all that this weekend. I also finally received all of the supplies I needed to start making one (of 3.. still waiting on some beads) bracelet for Pat's sisters ~ it's starting to look really pretty!! :)

Ok, it's almost lunch time ~ I'm off to check on Pat. I'll have a 90 day challenge feature for you this afternoon!

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