Sunday, November 25, 2007

Featuring: Craftymoose

Well, this feature was meant to be posted earlier, but Craftymoose's shop announcements declared that she was at a craft show Saturday, and updating her inventory on Sunday. I just wanted to wait until she was done before I chose some items to feature. I'm not sure if she's done (are we ever done updating our shops?), but I'm going to go ahead with this post now anyway.

Craftymoose is a very unique name ~ derived from owner Debbie's love of crafts and her husband's love of moose. Which reminds me a lot of my grandparents. My grandpa hunts moose, and my grandma would love so many things in store ~ especially the pretty suncatchers and the lovely French beaded flowers. There's also a little something for everyone, including collectible art cards (ACEOs), lovely treasure boxes and cute holiday decorations.

Speaking of beaded flowers, aren't these blue orchids gorgeous?! Three stems with blue and yellow flowers and three green leaves each are beautifully arranged in a pretty glass vase, ready for gift giving or display in your home. Display that won't need watering, and won't die!

Debbie, as seems innate to many crafters, has created things her whole life. She has delved into painting, needlework, quilting, polymer clay, jewelry making and more recently, beading, especially those lovely french beaded flowers. As often the case, custom orders are welcome ~ so if you see something you like but something is just not to your taste, just ask for your own custom order!

Suncatchers remind me of my gramma ~ she always has a few in her kitchen and living room windows. Hummingbirds also really remind me of my gramma ~ at her cottage, she would always have a few feeders, and I would help her make the sugar syrup. A couple of summer there were a lot of them, the males with their ruby throats fighting for the biggest and brightest red feeder. In combination, this beaded hummingbird suncatcher would be perfect for her, or any bird lover. It would look lovely hanging in the window, the bright red, green and shiny peach beads catching the light. This little guy is just so cute!

I've been meaning to start making and collecting ACEOs. These small art cards are just so pretty! I recently bought a few for my nephew, and they are all done really well. Maybe after the holidays I'll get started on my own collection ~ I'll definitely have to bookmark this puzzled garden ACEO by Craftymoose. A sweet and intricate flower garden is broken into puzzle pieces ~ and for depth, a real piece of a puzzle was glued on: it's the one in the second row, first column (check the listing for a close up). How very unique!

I think I've mentioned my and my mom's love of snowmen before. And honestly, during the winter, nothing is cuter than a couple of white snowballs topped with a hat and carrot! This little holiday decoration is named Chilly Billy and is simply adorable! With a sweet 'let it snow' sign and an armful of snowballs, this little guy is ready to help you begin the holiday celebrations!

So now why don't you head on over to Craftymoose, and make sure to mark them as favourites so you can check back again and again. While you're at it, you should check out her blog (you'll find more features of great Etsy artists in the 90 day challenge) and website too.

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Thank you so very much for this nice feature--it was nice of you to include a bit of everything!