Sunday, November 4, 2007

New Posted Items!!

Well, I've had a very creative weekend, and I thought I'd update a little on here. I promised in one of my last posts that I would tell you a little about some of the recent Etsy purchases I've received, and I've wanted to show you all my jack-o'-lantern. I carved him on the weekend before Halloween (well, I scooped out the guts and roasted the seeds, Pat carved along the lines I drew him). This isn't the greatest picture, but it does show just how darn cute he was.

As I've mentioned, I've been making quite a few trades lately. It's been incredibly fun! I even got my first custom order (other than family orders) for a notebook. Organicstills liked my Denim Dreams notebook (now traded to wyobeads for some great beads) but isn't fond of pink. Since I still had some denim paper, I made a similar notebook with green accents. Of course, I found this scrap of green handmade paper and lattice-like fibers, got inspired and it turned out quite a bit less simple than I had planned. I've posted this notebook on Ulixis under a reserved heading... I hope organicstills likes it!

In return for this custom notebook, I'm getting this 5x7" photo, Radiant Rose. Isn't is gorgeous?!? And don't you think it will look nice with the other prints I have traded for? I can't wait to get them all and decorate my bedroom!!!

Other than that, this weekend I made a couple of button bracelets, two of which have matching earrings. Why don't you hop on over to my shop and check out Heather (a ray of sunshine on a winter day) and Snowflakes! Now I always try to name my bracelets, but never has one been as long as "Heather...". This is because the colour combination immediately reminded me of sunshine on a particularly gloomy November day. But as I was making the set, the name Heather kept popping into my head and wouldn't go away. The smoky purple and gray, the soft yellow... I don't know. I like both names, I couldn't decide.

I'm selling the earrings and bracelets separately, but I think they look so cute together! They would make such a beautiful gift!

Speaking of awesome gifts, on to my packages. When I checked my mail on Friday, there were 2 bubbled envelopes, a regular envelope and 2 pieces of junk mail. I immediately zeroed in on the bubbled packages, and soon found what I thought was my only 2 packages of the day.

First was the package from ArtfulMarket. I received advice from a friend to start making earrings, and I had been wanting to make some for a while, so I finally invested in some earwires. I also needed some clasps, so that was my order! Oooh, look at the pretty packaging!

Then my order from RedSkyRocks: round nose pliers and honey amber tumble chips. I've been needing those pliers for quite some time now, and I can never resist adding on some beads when you can save on shipping. And this was incredibly fast shipping!! I got it from the UK in 4 days (as opposed to the week or two from the US)!! These ones are particularly pretty, with a gorgeous range of colours. I used some for the clasp of the Heather button bracelet and they were a lovely sunny yellow. I also used some in the clasp for the Midnight Plums button bracelet (another new one posted - fantastic for the holidays!) and these were clear and dark green/brown. Very, very pretty!

Then I went back to work and never checked the rest of my mail. Waiting patiently for me when I got back was my envelope from themusesgems (and junkmail) ~ but there was also a tag in my mailbox for another package! But I had to wait until after 5 to go get that one. So first I opened my envelope and found these gorgeous periwinkle rondelles. They are so shiny and irridescent, I can't wait to use them! I have a pattern for a bracelet, and I'm going to make a few for Christmas gifts. These are the first of the beads and metal supplies that have come in ... I'm so excited for the rest so I can get started!

And then my package. Another one I didn't expect so soon! This cutie is from stumppondtoy. I'm so pleased at how adorable he is!! I got this little rabbit for my nephew, who is turning 1 December 31st. I haven't decided yet if this is going to be a Christmas or birthday gift. I've been looking for other things on Etsy for him, but I haven't come across anything yet. I'm not too sure what I want to get... Oh, the best part about this delightful little bunny is that he hops! His rear end bounces up and down ~ when he has enough traction to turn his wheels. So on the carpet he's fine, but on the tiles he skids around ~ like our bunny, Rosemary, when she's been scared.

I've ordered quite a few more things for Christmas off of Etsy, and I absolutely cannot wait to get them!!! But a lot of the items I've purchased are for my mom, so I won't be able to post about them until after the holidays! Well, that's about it for now. I've worked on quite a few other projects ~ a pretty beaded bracelet I'll probably be posting soon, another accordion notebook that's about half done and more trades ~ but I haven't worked on my poster that I have to present in 2 weeks. Yikes. I'm on it.

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Mrs.Kwitty said...

I love your button bracelets--as a matter of fact I was looking at them earlier this morning and had to give you a heart!
I just love the mailman since I joined Etsy--it's nice when he brings lots of fun things instead of just boring old bills!
Smiles, Karen