Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Featuring: Kreative Mindz

Today my featured shop is run by a team of crafty individuals. The mastermind behind KreativeMindz is Aly, who is joined by her husband Beau and best friend An-G in making an assortment of unique handcrafted goods. Aly and An-G specialize in sewing, including clothing, Goddess wraps, hot packs, purses / bags / wallets, cuffs and much, much more.

What are Goddess wraps you ask? Goddess wraps are versatile hair wraps, that wrap around your head and hold everything ~ even those pesky little wispy hairs around the ears and cowlick! They're called Goddess wraps because you will definitely feel like a goddess with such gorgeous fabric keeping bad hair at bay! These are a few of my favourites from the large listing of Goddess wraps in KreativeMindz ~ at the top you'll find some florals, and at the bottom, you'll find the stripes. The first green and pink striped one is very reminiscent of an apron I recently purchased for my gramma ~ I'm not sure she would know what to do with this though. :P

Aly was born and raised by artists, her mom a painter and her dad a photographer, so creating has always been a part of her life. She took up sewing at 15 and has been in love with it ever since ~ she really enjoys seeing what can be done with all the different fibers available out there. Aly is currently a stay-at-home mom, taking care of 2 children. There are 7 years between her son and daughter, and during this time was when she took on a career in the movies! Aly designed sets and such, but being away from home can be hard ~ once her daughter was born, she decided to stay at home for good. I'm sure she is no less busy, but a lot more comfortable and happy!

An-G is also a talented seamstress, and has been sewing for a long time too. She recently graduated from veterinary school, and is working as a vet! She is currently engaged to be married, so keep a eye on this shop ~ these crafty people are sure to get her new husband to lend a hand!

Here is a beautiful skirt made by An-G. A long, elemental spinner skirt, it isn't hemmed yet ~ so it's going to be the perfect length for you! The front and back panels feature four elements: air (in white clouds and flowers), water (in blue), earth (in brown) and nature (the green). The side panels are in a grey-brown San Fransisco corduroy. I just love that this skirt means something... I imagine I would feel very balanced in such a skirt. It is so striking, you are sure to be asked where you found it, over and over.

Beau, on the other hand, is into more manly crafts ~ he's a skilled carpenter, and you can find wooden boxes and signs in store. Here is my favourite box in store: it features a tribal tree sunburst on the lid. A simple box that looks well and durably made, this would be a great gift for the holidays. You could quickly and easily fill it with a few smaller items (like a Goddess wrap, or jewelry, or any stocking stuffers), and there you have it! A perfect gift for just about anyone!

Here is one more piece that has really caught my attention. This autumn harvest wall hanging was made for the EAST (a street team I'm assuming) autumn challenge by Aly. Lovely fabric appliqued by hand, and a handmade frame (courtesy of Beau) make this one of a kind artwork a lovely addition to any home. The bright and warm yellow-orange leaves and sun will add a bit of cheer to any room, but I think it would be especially charming in a kitchen, or in the dining room. Simply lovely!

Do stop by this shop, and please don't hesitate to contact them if you have anything in mind ~ they love doing custom orders. You can also email them at kreativemindz@fuse.net if you'd like to be added to their mailing list (where you'll be kept up to date on sales and new items). To check out their work, find them on MySpace, Flickr or Hyena cart. As always, take a peek at their blog if you want to see more features on the lovely artists taking part in this challenge!

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KreativeMindz said...

WOW! What a GREAT feature!!! Thank you so much! We really appreciate it!