Monday, February 25, 2008

New Tags!

I just posted some new Easter bunny tags. After my impulsive rabbit purchases last night, I had to go make some of my own. Each bunny is hand drawn in my own design. Aren't these patterned papers gorgeous?!? Grab these up today before they're gone! They're perfect for all your spring and Easter gift-giving needs!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

More Etsy Purchases!

I don't have the money for this... could everyone please stop making such cute things? Especially adorable little bunnies that I can't resist??!? That little black bunny up there is Rosemary. She's technically mine, but since I can't have bunnies in my apartment, she's residing where she always has ... at my parents place in the middle of nowhere, Northern Ontario. My mom doesn't like that I call it the middle of nowhere, but when your closest neighbor is barely visible, and all you can see around you is field, and you don't even get cable, never mind city water and it's a 15 minute drive to the nearest town, which can barely be considered a town... it's the middle of nowhere.

But Rosemary... oh she is a sweetheart. That hole in the floor in front of her? Yep, she made / ate that. She gets cereal every morning, and come to the fridge every time you open the door. She'll even get up on her hind legs, begging for her favourite ~ broccoli. Her best friend, shown above was our awesome, 3-legged cat Pork Chop. He mysteriously went missing right after this passed Thanksgiving, and she mourned him for a good month. Poor Rosemary... but she's over it now. (update: I dreamed last night that Pork Chop came back after being gone for the winter... weird.)

Anyway, I just wanted to show where my obsession with bunnies has come from... And here are a few bunnies that will soon be mine:This cute plaid tote bag by betharoonie was just so sweet, I couldn't resist (hmmm... where have I heard that before?) ~ the pretty pink bunny just looks so adorable on the black, white and pink plaid. I can't wait to get it, and celebrate Easter with it!

I found that tote bag, and so many other charming bunnies, while searching for "felt bunny" on Etsy. One prominent shop that came up with that search was BlossomHill. Her little felt animals are absolutely enchanting. This one's name is Pippa, and she'll soon be residing on one of my shelves. Of course, she has so many endearing bunnies, I couldn't just settle on one. Pippa would be lonely without a friend, don't you agree? So I had to get Flossy as well. And you know I'll be keeping and eye out for any little black bunnies that might pop up at BlossomHill.. but not too soon, I hope, I really can't afford any more of these impulsive purchases!!! But, I keep telling myself, bunnies are necessary to celebrate Easter! Who needs chocolates if I'm surrounded by bunnies, right???

Speaking of celebrating Easter, it's early enough this year that I won't be in the middle of exams. That means I'll be able to go home!! I haven't been since Christmas and this little guy's first birthday:
He's walking around now, and saying "uh oh!" to everything! I can't wait!! (update: my mom just told me he's now saying "mama", "dada", "up" and "hi"... adorable!)

But first ... 2 midterms this week, my thesis defense this weekend and a 45 minute presentation (on BiDil, a heart failure medication prescribed specifically to African Americans) on the 13th, among other "less important" things. Yikes.

Friday, February 22, 2008

New items!

I've been having such a great week! I've been really crafty and have gotten quite a bit of school work done. Not enough, but with the amount of work and reading I have to do, I think it's impossible to finish it all. Luckily, there are only 6 weeks left. Well... I say luckily in a melancholy sort of way. I don't know if I'm really ready to be done school ~ I feel my education is not complete, there's so much more to learn! Which I why I'm going back to do my Master's (and why I'm reading A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking... amazing book, but it takes me a while to grasp some of the concepts. Special relativity is easy enough to understand, but the general theory of relativity is really, really complex). But it isn't going to be the same... once we graduate, we're all going to scatter, and that makes me sad. I'm going to miss the biopharmers ~ after spending 3 years with the same 18 people in such an intense program, you get pretty close.
Anyway, I've posted a few new notebooks ~ why don't you check them out? Up top is a set of 3 mini notebooks. These are incredibly useful ~ small enough to fit in your pocket, purse or bag and perfect for jotting down ideas, to-do or grocery lists, phone numbers and messages, and pretty much anything you can think of! And the patterns of the covering paper is just so cute and spring-y! I also made another large sketch-note-scrap-book with recycled paper. I use some paper that I've printed on ~ thesis, scientific papers, figures, and other stuff ~ and mix in some blank white, linen resume, graph and lined paper, as well as some coloured heavier card. The large size is perfect for sketching in, and making collages or scrapbooking. I like using some printed pages in my notebooks because you can pick out a cool figure or some words and build your collage around it. It's like a book pre-packaged with inspiration!

I mentioned below about my recent trades, but I've also made a few purchases in the past 2 days. First off, scroll down to my feature on StudioMarcy.. see that mug of green beer and the ninja bunny? Yep, they're mine now. I couldn't resist the bunny (have I mentioned my love for bunnies? Just wait and see!), and I have a friend who's birthday is coming up... she was telling me about how excited she was for St. Patty's Day, so I thought a necklace with the green beer would be perfect!

Bunny rabbits... they make the best pets! Our Rosemary is so tame and cute. I wish she wasn't at home instead of here with me in Hamilton. But I'm not allowed bunnies in my apartment... so I've resorted to the next best thing: buying bunny things on Etsy. I just bought this lovely necklace from LiiLii ~ I've had my eye on it for a long time, and it was on sale when I checked yesterday! I couldn't resist.

Speaking of not being able to resist ~ look at this card. How could I not?? Since I'll be going home for Easter, I'll be able to give it to my mom (mom, if you're reading this, act surprised!). This card was made by jtcreations, which is just full of wonderful cards. Plus, the creator behind the gorgeous paper products, Jessica, is really nice (and a Canadian!) ~ a great seller with which to do business! I know I'll be back in store come birthday season (Does anyone else have such a season? Where at least 1/2 of your whole family and extended relatives have their birthday all around the same time? Ours are in Aug-Sept and December..).

Alright, I'm almost done with this long, long post. I just have one more purchase (of 2 items) to show you. I've been looking for a simple gold ring for a while now. I have a gold promise ring from Pat that I always wear, and I wanted another one that I could wear almost all the time (without the clashing silver). But most thin gold rings are a little out of my price range, though gorgeous. But then, luckily, I came across this great shop, wiregems. There were some amazing sales, so I picked up 2 rings: one for my pinky (the flattened peak one), and one for my ring/forefinger (the lightning bolt one). I can't wait to get them!

OK, I think that's it for now. But why don't you go check out these great shops ~ and mine too!

Featuring: StudioMarcy

Today I'm featuring the lovely shop StudioMarcy. Marcy makes the cutest, most amazing lampwork focal beads!! I couldn't just pick a couple to show, they're all so pretty! So, instead, I'm going to show a collection of spring beads to get you in the mood!

First up, the cutest little bee. Her name's Camelia and she loves honey. And this pretty cardinal doesn't have a name, but is looking for a loving home. Preferably one with bird feeders...

Isn't St. Patrick's Day fast approaching? My 1/4 Irish blood tells me it is. Of course, I celebrate more because my boyfriend's name is Patrick.. hehe. But you can be prepared for St. Patty's Day too with this mug of green beer. Although whoever poured it sure needs to learn how to do it properly...

Alright, I think I've mentioned my love of all things bunny... ever since we got our own little black rabbit, I've been in love with them. In fact, I'll blog about a couple of bunny purchases I've recently made... but back to StudioMarcy and her darling jack rabbit. Don't you think, by the expression on his face, that he's just hoping that you'll give him a warm and loving home? I think so.

And why not get some easter egg-looking spring smiling beads while you're at it? The spring colours are sure to brighten up your next beading project!

And last but not least ~ don't be scared now ~ is a ninja!!! If this Easter ninja bunny doesn't make you smile every time you look at him... well, there must be something wrong with your face muscles!!! He's so incredibly adorable, I can't help but giggle with glee when I look at him. He's infectious ~ in such a good way!!

Oh yeah ~ and there's always FREE shipping for orders over $40... which would be an easy goal to reach considering the wide selection of beautiful beads! Don't forget to hop on over to her blog after you're done browsing StudioMarcy!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Busy busy!

Even I am shocked... four new posts in one day?? Is it possible?!! I guess I'm not as busy as I thought... actually, I am. I'm just really good at procrastinating! First off, I posted a new bracelet! This one is so stunning ~ it is sure to get tons of compliments!
Then I happened upon a trade thread in the forums. It's been a while since I've traded anything, so I browsed the wonderful shops and sent out a few convos. My first trade was with CrazyGirlBoutique ~ a really unique shop. I just love these little gift tins I got ~ they're so cute!!

Next, I traded for some jewelry ~ this cha-cha set is adorable! Though it was really hard to choose a favourite in jennysjewels. This is going to go so well with so much of my wardrobe... I wonder if there's any chance it will be here in time for my formal next Friday? It would be a perfect addition to my little navy dress!And my last trade was with Sheltie19. She make lovely lampwork beads, and I scored this gray swirl set. They are definitely going to make a lovely bracelet!! So that was my busy night. Now I'm really excited to get all my trades! I love getting mail!!! I am off to bed now so that I can (hopefully) get some more work done tomorrow!

New earrings!!

OK, I really need to get back to work now. But I've been having such a great day ~ so very productive! I recently purchased some brass filigree chandelier dangly things, but didn't have any other brass components to work with them. Then I found CigarboxSupplies (what are the odds that this shop name is so similar to the one I just featured!?). The most perfect item was offered ~ a set of kidney ear wires, bead caps, headpins and jump rings, all in brass. A sort of starter kit for anyone interested in trying brass out, without having to get oodles of supplies. It turned out quite nicely for me!
I haven't figured out a nice design for the chandelier dangles, but I did play around with some bead caps and made these gorgeous dew drop earrings! I used some great iolite rondelles ~ they're mostly clear, but pick up greens and purples, depending on the light. I was very tempted to keep them for myself, but I have other ideas for that!!

Oh yeah, keep an eye out ~ I've been working on a new accordion memory notebook and it's going to be very spring / Easter-y!!!

Featuring: cigarboxbeads

A feature! Can you believe it?! I have to be quick though and get back to my reading / school work. Today I'm featuring the beautiful work of Marilyn, who runs the shop cigarboxbeads. The origin of her shop name is really quite neat - she started beadweaving after obtaining a few cigar boxes full of beads. How fitting! And her beaded jewelry is absolutely gorgeous! Here are a few of my favourites:

First off, this gorgeous icy lemonade bracelet. So bright and fun!! Don't you think this would look stunning with that little black dress or shirt, or that flirty white summer dress? This would add the perfect dose of brightness and will definitely make you smile whenever you glance at your adorned wrist!

I also really like this twisted garden path choker. Although it's hard to tell from the picture, this choker is made up of hundreds of pastel coloured gemstone chips and leaves, all twisted together to made a gorgeous rope that is perfect for spring. Finished off with a fancy clasp, this necklace is stunning! In fact, I don't think your Easter outfit would be complete without it... or without this matching cottage garden bracelet. Ok, so technically they don't "match" but the garden theme, pastel colours and profusion of pretty beads ties them together for me. And either way, they are both show stopping pieces. Really, this bracelet is perfect - lovely pastels, flower and leaf beads and a purple button clasp. You can't go wrong!!

Finally, this ice maiden bracelet caught my attention. Another striking piece that is sure to complement most items in your wardrobe. Although perfectly wintery, this bracelet will also help you cool down in those hot summer months that seem so far away still, but are sure to be here before you know it!

Well, those are the items from cigarboxbeads that caught my eye, but don't let that stop you from browsing through her store - there are plenty more amazing pieces waiting for you to discover! And if that weren't enough, Marilyn runs another shop, suchandsort - which is having a leap year sale right now! Go check it out, and then stop by her blog and leave a little love for the 90 day challenge bloggers!

Easter Bunny!

Anyone else ready for spring?? I know I am.. and so my crafting (though minimal) has been geared for spring and Easter. In fact, I just posted these pretty bunny tags!So this week is my study week, and instead of being able to catch up on all the creative energies I've been putting off, I have to work. Not work in the sense of a job, but school work. And do I ever have a ton!! My to-do list is about 2 pages long! I have to catch up in my classes, prepare myself for some presentations, midterms and papers, and read read read. I have so many papers to read.

And next week is going to be killer (not in a good way)! Our program is having an information session (so that 2nd year students will apply) on Wednesday night, Thursday I have 2 midterms and a meeting, Friday we're having a debate in class, and that night is the biology formal. Then, that weekend, is our thesis defenses. I defend mine on the Sunday (March 2). Yikes! And yes, I'm just finishing up my undergrad, but our program is a little intense, and so we have to defend our thesis (like a Master's or PhD and unlike all the other undergrad programs).

Anyway, I'll try to be keeping things up to date, but I can't make any promises!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

NEW notebook!!

I apologize in advance to the 90 day challengers.. I've been slacking again. But I've just been so busy with school work that it's been impossible! But I did take a quick break yesterday to recycle some of my paper to bring you this great recycled notebook!!!I used some paper that has been printed on - thesis drafts, scientific papers, recipes and more - as well as some black pages - lined, graph, coloured and a few pieces of heavier card. All in all, I think this notebook would be perfect for journaling, scrapbooking and especially for collaging - each new page is different, inspiring new ideas!

Check it out!!

Sunday, February 3, 2008


Can you believe it!?!!! I've posted a new item!! Why don't you go check out this gorgeous bracelet? It's perfect for bringing in spring ~ and sweet enough for Valentine's day. You'll love it!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Featuring: SilverDragon

Alright, my second feature for the day is on Silver Dragon. This is another shop filled with gorgeous beaded jewelry - this time handcrafted by Patricia Vener. I really loved the bright colours of all her pieces, and decided to show you a few ... you guessed it: Valentine's Day themed items!

Starting with this pretty pink and tanzanite anklet. Anklets are one piece of jewelry that I don't see very often... and I don't see why not! They're just as pretty as bracelets!! This soft pink one is sure to draw eyes to your legs this coming spring!!

Now, if you're like me you might be thinking... "um.. maybe not so much attention to the legs..." Yes, we all indulged too much over the holidays, but I think I have the perfect solution! This stunning Carnelian twist briolette necklace it definitely going to draw eyes to exactly where you want them! The necklace is Patricia's variant on Ruth's Twist, with that striking faceted Carnelian briolette front and centre.

One other piece caught my eye: this amazing Vener chain red bracelet. Perfect for both V-day and the holidays, as well as any special occasion you need that extra little bling, this bracelet features a gorgeous golden flower clasp. Plus, the chain stitch is a brand new beading pattern Patricia has come up with! Be sure to pick up this one of a kind find for your honey!!!

Alright, you can go check out your second featured shop of the day. You won't be disappointed!! You should also take a peek at her website and blog!

Featuring: onathousandhills

Luckily, today is a snow day so that I can catch up on my features. Thursday's I'm on campus all day, so it's difficult to get a post in... Hence, the double features I'll be posting most Fridays. :)

Anyway, today I'm starting with the lovely bead work done by Cheryl, showcased in her Etsy shop, On a Thousand Hills. Her shop is new enough, so there are only a few beautifully beaded items. My favourite is this pretty in purple necklace and bracelet set. The gorgeous cat-eye beads are set between black and clear beads, with pressed flower beads as spacers on the necklace. A simple set that is sure to look stunning with anything.

Another item that caught my eye, with Valentine's day in mind of course, is this shimmering heart embroidered cuff bracelet. You can't see very well in this small picture, but the bottom of the cuff is embroidered in a wave pattern, which really picks up the light. The heart and flowers are made of wooden beads, and the shimmery beads are a champagne colour, for a nice earthy, but still glam feel.

I don't want to show you too much more so that it's a surprise when you go check out on a thousand hills. Do check out her blog too for some more great features!