Friday, February 22, 2008

Featuring: StudioMarcy

Today I'm featuring the lovely shop StudioMarcy. Marcy makes the cutest, most amazing lampwork focal beads!! I couldn't just pick a couple to show, they're all so pretty! So, instead, I'm going to show a collection of spring beads to get you in the mood!

First up, the cutest little bee. Her name's Camelia and she loves honey. And this pretty cardinal doesn't have a name, but is looking for a loving home. Preferably one with bird feeders...

Isn't St. Patrick's Day fast approaching? My 1/4 Irish blood tells me it is. Of course, I celebrate more because my boyfriend's name is Patrick.. hehe. But you can be prepared for St. Patty's Day too with this mug of green beer. Although whoever poured it sure needs to learn how to do it properly...

Alright, I think I've mentioned my love of all things bunny... ever since we got our own little black rabbit, I've been in love with them. In fact, I'll blog about a couple of bunny purchases I've recently made... but back to StudioMarcy and her darling jack rabbit. Don't you think, by the expression on his face, that he's just hoping that you'll give him a warm and loving home? I think so.

And why not get some easter egg-looking spring smiling beads while you're at it? The spring colours are sure to brighten up your next beading project!

And last but not least ~ don't be scared now ~ is a ninja!!! If this Easter ninja bunny doesn't make you smile every time you look at him... well, there must be something wrong with your face muscles!!! He's so incredibly adorable, I can't help but giggle with glee when I look at him. He's infectious ~ in such a good way!!

Oh yeah ~ and there's always FREE shipping for orders over $40... which would be an easy goal to reach considering the wide selection of beautiful beads! Don't forget to hop on over to her blog after you're done browsing StudioMarcy!

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