Sunday, February 11, 2018

12 Months Old

The last three weeks have been a whirlwind! First, we had a week of birthday party preparations. Then, we had a week filled with a well-baby appointment and daycare visits - and capped with a sick weekend. Then, just this past week, we started daycare (and I went back to work).

Of course, I've been meaning to blog through it all, but... well. I thought I was short on time before! I'm going to try my best to catch up on a few things today, starting with the last of our monthly updates. I didn't even take proper photos for this - the plan was to capture some "good" ones last weekend, but then Marc had a fever so we just lay low instead. These two photos were captured on Marc's birthday, along with plenty of others I will save for a future post detailing his big day and party.
As you can see, Marc had his first haircut this month! Here's a before photo:
I knew it would, but I was still blown away by how much it changed his look! He is such a little boy now... my baby is gone. I'm not ready!

Marc was officially walking before his first birthday! He's getting stronger and steadier every day. At this point, he chooses to walk more often then he crawls and he's getting pretty fast too! He's also getting good at carrying things or clapping / waving his hands around while walking. Along with walking, Marc has figured out how to climb. He loves getting on the 2-step stool we have in the kitchen and can't get enough of climbing onto the couch (and racing us to the side table for anything he can get his hands on).

We've been switching out milk for formula this month. He still prefers if it's warm, but he will drink cold milk now (which is a lifesaver since we don't have to bring any formula to daycare). Once we finish the last 3 boxes of formula in our cupboard, I'll be putting away the bottle warmer and sterilizer. EEK! I won't really miss dealing with all that... but I kind of will too. Where has the year gone????
You can tell that Marc's understanding more and more each day too. He knows what we mean when we say it's time for a bath, bum change, dinner, snack, etc. He knows he isn't supposed to get into certain things (kitchen drawers, mommy's bookshelf) and will look at you slyly as he's about to get into those very things. Now we're listening intently for his babbling to turn into distinct words!

A whole year.... and what a year it has been. Here's to another great year of reaching milestones and learning new things!