Monday, June 30, 2008

I'm addicted

To more than one thing... but right now I'm talking about these paper globes. They are SO much fun to make! I've made 3 today: the one I posted earlier, a silver-turquoise-raspberry one and a summer red and blue one.First I made this silvery one. The base colour (8 circles) is a shiny silver paper. The complementary patterns include 2 of each: turquoise flower pattern, raspberry with tiny pale pink dots, black and white rose print, white with light blue flowers, white with a pink/burgundy/green flowery pattern and a burgundy/pink stripe. I hung it with a black ribbon. It turned out very nicely... I'm thinking of keeping this one to myself as well....

But this one, the third one, will be posted! I can only fill my small apartment with so many paper globes before Pat starts to question my sanity.

This one is really fun ~ all of the patterns I used are very summery. I also chose not to use a single pattern as a "base pattern"... although I do have 4 circles in the blue and white stripes. All the other patterns consist of 2 circles: red with black dots; red and white checkers with "picnic time", ants and ladybugs in the checks; white with multi-coloured summer picnic words and small pictures; blue gingham; a blue diamond pattern; a red, green, gold and blue retro flower pattern; dark blue with white and light blue flowers and a brightly coloured stripe pattern. This one hangs on a thin red ribbon. It turned out very nicely! I thought it might be too much with so many patterns, but I think it looks pretty.

So much fun! I'm pleased with all I got done today, even after making these three globes. I finished my notebook ~ an actual notebook! I haven't made one of those since Christmas time!!! It was nice to have the time to actually sew one up again. I also did some dishes, posted some new purple earrings on Etsy, printed some papers I'll need to read before I head in for work on Wednesday and cleaned up a bit. What a great day ~ and tomorrow is Canada Day, so Pat's off. Yay!!!

Happy Canada Day everyone!

Paper Globe

I found some really neat tutorials on two separate blogs this morning: Hello my name is Heather and Future Girl. I was specifically looking for some stitch how-tos / tutorials (whip and blanket stitch in particular) because I recently purchased some felt and I want to make something with it. But all the different tutorials I found were so inspiring, I just wanted to craft all day!

First I started with some beef stew. I found a recipe online, and it's simmering in my crock pot as we speak... well, as I write this anyway. I'm hoping it turns out. I'll also be making the biscuits to go with it... I have high hopes. Even though it's a little warm for stew and biscuits.

Then I got right onto making a paper globe. There were two different sizes, and this is the smaller one, making a 5" ball. I glued in some pretty orange ribbon to hang it (which is actually ribbon from inside my bridesmaid / grad dress ~ you know the little ribbons made to use for hanging in order to prevent stretching of the garments straps... I cut them out unless it's a tanktop likely to stretch).This picture is a little dark, but I just wanted to show all the different patterns of paper I used. The "base" paper was orange and white strips (8 circles) and there were 6 other patterns (2 circles each): light blue with flowers, white with mini pink and brown dots, pink and brown squares, multi-coloured polkadots, brown dots on orange and a soft yellow, blue and purple diamond pattern. I'm definitely thinking of keeping this for myself. I hung it here, in the entrance to my hallway. I think I'll make a larger one (6.5") to hang a little lower than this one... I think it'll look cute.

Anyway, I have many more things on my to-do list to complete (handily jotted down in a mini notebook like these)... including dishes, but I'd rather not think about that. Back to the craft table!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Recent Etsy Purchases

I always like to mention my Etsy purchases, to help promote the wonderful sellers and to gloat over my awesome stuff. I haven't done so in a while, and I've missed mentioning a lot of great sellers, especially those shops where I get my supplies. So today I thought I would show a few of my more recent purchases. Most of these I haven't received yet, and those I have I'm too lazy to take pictures of... so enjoy, and check out the great sellers behind these wonderful items!

First up is this lovely bird pendant by jessicajane. I can't remember when I first stumbled into this shop, but I know I stuck around for a long time. I loved her black polymer bird charms, but I wanted some colour. I liked her custom word birds, but I couldn't think of a word.... And then she posted this charming fellow, and I just couldn't resist. It's really a beautiful pendant, and I get compliments on it whenever I wear it.

Another shop that I've had my eye on for quite some time is bluedogrose. Her delicate paintings make me smile, and I just can't resist her endearing LWR (little white rabbits)! I finally decided on this pretty Summer Swing magnet and this Alison in Snow ACEO. Alison is so sweet ~ she's an original watercolour and the workmanship is very fine. The magnet is also well made, and very strong so that I can actually hold things on the fridge with it. I love magnets.. my fridge is getting pretty full, but there's always room for more!

I've recently started experimenting with stamping and inks. So, being the bunny lover I am, I just picked up this adorable running bunny stamp. I'm looking forward to trying it out! I purchased the stamp, along with another one, from schOOLLOcker, a great supplies shop. I've purchased buttons from them before and they got lost in the mail. I was worried, it was the first time it had happened to me. But they were really nice about it and sent me a replacement right away. I'll definitely return to them again.

All of these items have been watched by me, either on and off or incessantly, until I finally cave in and buy the item. This Understated necklace and earrings set from MiaBeads was watched for a long time. The earrings sold quite a bit, so I decided to scoop up the set before they were gone. I can't wait to get them. I love MiaBeads ~ there's a locket necklace I also have my eye on... we'll see how long I can last...

Another bunny that I've watched more on and off is Otto Conejo. He's beautiful. I didn't want to wait any longer. This unique art piece is by essimar, and features a bunch of little triangles cut out of wallpaper. I can't wait to get him, frame him and admire him on my wall!

Last but not least is the beautiful silk-work by pamelatang. I've watched her shop for a long time, admiring the beautiful silk quilts (a particularly gorgeous one in watermelon really caught my eye around Christmas time)... I recently noticed the journals were on sale for a limited time. I couldn't resist (now where have I heard that before..??). I don't exactly need a new journal at this time, but who can't use a journal??! I'll think of something. Just looking and feeling the cover should give me inspiration enough.

Well, that's all for now. I just returned from a shopping trip to a craft store... and I'm excited to try out all my new stuff!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Summer Update

Seems like I've more or less been missing in action in the blogging and Etsy world this summer. And while I don't really have a good excuse for it, once you get out of the habit, it takes a good kick in the pants to get going again. But it isn't like I haven't been busy... here's how my summer's been so far..

(warning: this is going to be long.. with lots of pictures!)

First off, May 16, 2008 was my older brother (by one year) Matt's wedding to Terri-Anne. It was a small wedding at the minister's home. Pat and I were the maid of honor and best man, and then the kids, parents and grandparents were present. It was really intimate and just perfect.

Afterwards, we went out for lunch at a small bistro on the waterfront in North Bay. Luckily, the weather was gorgeous, and we were able to take pictures on the beach in front of the water (that's the bride and groom on the beach). Terri-Anne's friend took the pictures, and they turned out really well. I wasn't on the ball with the camera, so I only have a few to show.

Here's my brother and his bride, casually posing by a tree. Terri-Anne's dress was handmade by a woman they play darts with, and she made a matching dress for Jaden, Terri-Anne's 5 year old. The three of us also had beautiful bouquets of pink lilies and delicate yellow flowers. My dress is the same dress I wore to graduation, which you'll see below and have seen before, and is a gorgeous orange and coral colour. Matt and Pat matched their ties really well: Matt to Terri-Anne's yellow and Pat to my orange. I love matching ties.

Matt and Terri-Anne's baby, Edward, was very good for the ceremony... but he was still all out of sorts. Where are we and who are all these people (he doesn't see us very often)? He was comfortable with Uncle John, my younger brother shown here, since Matt's family lives about a 5 minute walk from my parents, where John still lives (he just graduated from high school actually). I can't believe how grown up John is!

Here Eddy is cuddling up to his older brother Dustin in the car on the way to lunch.

And here he is playing with his dad.

He's such a sweet baby. You should see his golden curls!!! As I said, he was really good during the wedding, and only once ran around the restaurant naked... But that was only because he really, really enjoyed the wedding cake. Just look at that face!! Too precious for words!

They headed off for their honeymoon right after the lunch. The reception / party was this passed weekend, on June 21. We had a great turnout (it was at my parent's place), the food was great and went really well, and we partied late into the night with bonfires. It was so much fun. Of course I didn't get any pictures though. I was too busy socializing and helping serve the food. But it was really a lot of fun!

Now in between all that was my graduation, and a lot of shopping, running around, sight-seeing and just generally having fun with my friends before they leave... We're all grown up now and parting ways. I'm going to miss the biopharmers...

But first, the fun times! Early this month I went to Toronto with Sharon and Lina, my two closest biopharm friends. The picture at the left is of a statue of a horse, glowing in the middle of that park we walked through. This is us at graduation (I'm on the left, Sharon is in the middle, and Lina is on the right). We did some shopping, sight-seeing, eating and walking around, and eventually made it to the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum).

Unfortunately, I couldn't use my camera for all of the exhibits, and for the most part, it was quite blurry and dark. But we did see the dinosaurs, and I did sneak a few pictures of the Darwin exhibit, which is what we went to see and where we couldn't take pictures. I thought this iguana was pretty cool, and it was really hard to tell it was alive. You could barely see it breathing!

Next, just over a week later, the three of us (and Lina's fiance) went to Wonderland. I didn't bring the camera since it would have only been in the way. And I didn't pay $12 (or more) for those crappy ride photos, or movies which I wasn't surprised to see also available for some rides. It also rained on and off all day, but that only helped to shorten the line-ups. The newest ride, the Behemoth, was AMAZING! Supposedly the longest, fastest, tallest rollercoaster in Canada, it was an amazingly smooth and exhilarating ride. We went on twice in a row, it was just that good.

Finally, in between all that was convocation. My undergraduate graduation. Here we all are at the reception after convocation. Probably the last time the biopharmers class of 2008 would all be together. It was a fun day, but tinged with sadness too. At the left is Denis, our program director, and Eva, one of our teachers. I'm the one in the bright orange/red dress... which I love!

Pat, of course and as usual, was there to support me. He even walked me downtown early, since I had to be there early and then had to make the trip back again because he forgot his ticket. Silly boy. But he made it in time, and somehow found my parents, who took a taxi from their hotel, among the thousands of people there. In this cute picture of us, you can just barely make out the beautiful gold watch he and his parents got for me for my grad.

Yep, my mom and dad came down for my grad (as if they wouldn't), and it was my dad who bought me those gorgeous pink roses (although mom did pick them out). Here we are, after the grad. That white envelope I'm clinging to holds my diploma, which actually turned out to be quite a large piece of paper... And once framed, it's huge and very impressive looking!

Even though Pat and my parents were seated fairly far back, Pat was able to get a couple of great shots of me when I was on stage. MAC does their ceremony traditionally. PhD graduates are honoured to have the registrar stand as he shakes their hand and confers the degree. Master's students have to bow to a seated registrar and undergrads have to kneel to the seated registrar. It's hard to see, the registrar is in the middle of the stage, wearing gold (pointed out with the blue arrow). In front of him, with green and white/red hoods and black gowns, are the two people who hood the undergraduates. Two undergrads went at a time since there were so many kids. You can see two girls walking up onto the stage at the right, I'm the second one (pink arrow).

This next picture shows us actually kneeling as the registrar confers our degree. It was a little imposing, but not too bad. The ceremony went by quickly enough, and the speakers weren't too boring, though a little scripted.

Well, I think that brings you pretty up to date with my summer. I'd say it's going pretty well, though I was sick for quite some time, and haven't even started working on my Master's yet. I'm supposed to be starting in the lab July 2, which is coming up really fast! I've been so lazy, I don't know that I'm ready to go back... but I think once I get into the routine, it'll be good to be back.

I know Ulixis has been a little quiet lately, but I am going to try to get things up and running for real! I just posted some sunshine lily earrings though, so you should go check that out while you wait for more!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Canada's Wonderland!

I haven't updated here in a while ~ I've had some busy weeks, and some more quiet ones. I was sick for some time, and graduated last Tuesday (my convocation was SO nice!). This weekend, Pat and I are traveling home for my brother's wedding reception party.

Today, I'm off to Wonderland. I'm so excited! I haven't been since grade 12 high school... We (those who made the honour role and paid to go) would take a school bus or two to Wonderland for a day (leaving at 5-6ish, getting home after 11). So much fun! In fact, on the trip when I was in grade 10 was the first time I met Pat (though we really didn't get to know each other until a couple of weeks later when we both went to a party at a mutual friend's house.... luckily, he went ~ he almost didn't!).

Anyway, I have to catch a bus soon, and finish getting ready. Be sure to check out my shop ~ I posted new mini notebooks. I was also pretty crafty this past week and weekend, so I'll try to be diligent in posting new things this week. Not today though!!! Hope everyone has a great week!