Monday, June 30, 2008

I'm addicted

To more than one thing... but right now I'm talking about these paper globes. They are SO much fun to make! I've made 3 today: the one I posted earlier, a silver-turquoise-raspberry one and a summer red and blue one.First I made this silvery one. The base colour (8 circles) is a shiny silver paper. The complementary patterns include 2 of each: turquoise flower pattern, raspberry with tiny pale pink dots, black and white rose print, white with light blue flowers, white with a pink/burgundy/green flowery pattern and a burgundy/pink stripe. I hung it with a black ribbon. It turned out very nicely... I'm thinking of keeping this one to myself as well....

But this one, the third one, will be posted! I can only fill my small apartment with so many paper globes before Pat starts to question my sanity.

This one is really fun ~ all of the patterns I used are very summery. I also chose not to use a single pattern as a "base pattern"... although I do have 4 circles in the blue and white stripes. All the other patterns consist of 2 circles: red with black dots; red and white checkers with "picnic time", ants and ladybugs in the checks; white with multi-coloured summer picnic words and small pictures; blue gingham; a blue diamond pattern; a red, green, gold and blue retro flower pattern; dark blue with white and light blue flowers and a brightly coloured stripe pattern. This one hangs on a thin red ribbon. It turned out very nicely! I thought it might be too much with so many patterns, but I think it looks pretty.

So much fun! I'm pleased with all I got done today, even after making these three globes. I finished my notebook ~ an actual notebook! I haven't made one of those since Christmas time!!! It was nice to have the time to actually sew one up again. I also did some dishes, posted some new purple earrings on Etsy, printed some papers I'll need to read before I head in for work on Wednesday and cleaned up a bit. What a great day ~ and tomorrow is Canada Day, so Pat's off. Yay!!!

Happy Canada Day everyone!

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