Monday, June 30, 2008

Paper Globe

I found some really neat tutorials on two separate blogs this morning: Hello my name is Heather and Future Girl. I was specifically looking for some stitch how-tos / tutorials (whip and blanket stitch in particular) because I recently purchased some felt and I want to make something with it. But all the different tutorials I found were so inspiring, I just wanted to craft all day!

First I started with some beef stew. I found a recipe online, and it's simmering in my crock pot as we speak... well, as I write this anyway. I'm hoping it turns out. I'll also be making the biscuits to go with it... I have high hopes. Even though it's a little warm for stew and biscuits.

Then I got right onto making a paper globe. There were two different sizes, and this is the smaller one, making a 5" ball. I glued in some pretty orange ribbon to hang it (which is actually ribbon from inside my bridesmaid / grad dress ~ you know the little ribbons made to use for hanging in order to prevent stretching of the garments straps... I cut them out unless it's a tanktop likely to stretch).This picture is a little dark, but I just wanted to show all the different patterns of paper I used. The "base" paper was orange and white strips (8 circles) and there were 6 other patterns (2 circles each): light blue with flowers, white with mini pink and brown dots, pink and brown squares, multi-coloured polkadots, brown dots on orange and a soft yellow, blue and purple diamond pattern. I'm definitely thinking of keeping this for myself. I hung it here, in the entrance to my hallway. I think I'll make a larger one (6.5") to hang a little lower than this one... I think it'll look cute.

Anyway, I have many more things on my to-do list to complete (handily jotted down in a mini notebook like these)... including dishes, but I'd rather not think about that. Back to the craft table!

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