Thursday, December 7, 2017

10 Months Old

Marc is 10 months old! It doesn't seem possible that 2017 is almost over but here we are. And being December, it will be over in a flash of sparkling lights and glittery sugar! I'm actually super excited about the holidays this year - last year, I just wanted to get through them; I had something much bigger weighing on my mind (and belly)! This year, we are soaking it in, one dazzled smile at a time.
This month, Marc is still practicing his standing without support. He's become very strong and more and more confident each day. He'll stand near the couch or stool or coffee table and play with something with both hands (see first picture below). He doesn't really like letting us act as support though, unless I'm sitting on the ground and he can use my legs or body. If we try to pull him up with our hands or walk him forward, he's usually a bit of a dead weight. We're working on it!
Marc suddenly figured out how to clap this month. It's adorable! He knows what he's doing too and will usually start clapping if we ask him to. He'll also take my hands and clap them together (and thinks it's hilarious). We're still working on waving and pointing but I realize that I just don't do these things as often as clapping throughout the day.
Marc is also starting to play more appropriately with toys now (instead of just sticking them in his mouth). He can place the rings back on the stand and fit the cups back into each other. He hasn't managed to complete the entire stack of either, but we're getting there. He'll place blocks back into the box and "drive" his cars and trucks around the living room (and sometimes into the kitchen if that's where I am). He also loves soft toys or blankets - hugging and kissing them into the ground, rubbing his face in their softness.
Marc is getting into EVERYTHING. His dresser drawers (out come the clothes), the kitchen drawers (ooooh, plastic bags!), the kitchen cabinets (pots and pans!)... basically everything I don't want him in. He knows it too - as soon as he hears me follow him into the kitchen, he'll look back at me guiltily before hurrying up to try to get there before me. We've since started baby-proofing, but haven't quite figured out what will work best with the drawers. He knows when the gate is open too and crawls as quick as he can to try to get out. He's a little monkey and I'm almost sort of dreading him getting the hang of walking because he'll only be that much faster!
In terms of eating, Marc feeds himself lunch every day. He LOVES berries the most and pomegranate arils are pretty good too. Cheese is another favourite. Cheerios, Goldfish, arrowroot cookies and soft crackers are all great snacks. He's become pickier with veggies though - sweet potato is one of the only ones he'll eat happily. Potatoes, anything green, cauliflower, squash... yuck (unless, sometimes, I can cover the taste with cheese or fruit). The meat he's tried so far is only okay - I blended some chicken with dried apricots and if you warm it up with more apricot (or other dried fruit compote) it's pretty good.
A few more odds and ends: Marc has 4 teeth (the 2 middle ones on the bottom and the 2 on either side of the middle ones at the top) and is currently working on the top middle ones. As soon as Marc hears daddy come home, he rushes to the gate with a big smile and presses his face into it. Cutest thing ever! He hugs around my neck really tightly now, which melts my heart every time (and breaks it when I'm trying to put him to bed and he immediately stands up and reaches toward me as I step out the door). Marc loves his books, his bath, and his swimming lessons, and enjoys going to the drop-in to play (but not so much to sit still for songs and story time). We're cloth diapering almost exclusively now (except for over night and during longer outings). It's going very well - I'm planning on blogging about that soon.
These last few months have been my absolute favourite. I love that Marc is getting more independent and mobile. I love his hugs and kisses and when he reaches up to be picked up. I love when he acts shy around others paying attention to him, turning his head into my shoulder with a sweet smile. I love all his funny faces. I absolutely cannot wait for him to experience Christmas - we're already starting to lay the foundation for our family traditions and it is the best feeling. Warm and fuzzy all around. 

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Family Photos 2017

I've been meaning to have family photos taken... well, all year really. As much as I would have liked newborn family photos, I was a bit too overwhelmed with the newness of motherhood to figure it all out in February and then time just has a way of slipping away from me lately. Anyway, I finally bit the bullet in October and found a local photographer (B&N Photography) doing mini holiday sessions this month. Here are my favourites of the resulting photos:
I opted for an outdoor location - Jack Darling Park in Mississauga - over the studio, mostly because I wanted to capture some of those glorious fall colours. Of course, it snowed the day prior to our shoot... which would have been lovely as well, but, being the GTA, it was all gone shortly after the snowfall. But it was cold, so we had to bundle up, which wasn't my first choice but turned out nicely all the same.
I chose to do a mini session because I had no idea how Marc would be... and am I ever glad. He was miserable! I think it was a combination of the cold and needing both a snack and a nap. He cried practically the entire time and basically wouldn't let me put him down. Pat and I left the park pretty disappointed - we didn't think we would end up with anything really all that good.
Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised when the photographer sent me our proofs! She was able to capture a few really awesome shots and even a few smiles. I love these candid moments and that little face in the first photo with the mugs is absolutely priceless!
I am so happy I went ahead and booked a family photoshoot. It's so nice to have some good photos of the three of us and I can't wait to frame a couple for our walls. I'll definitely be doing this again, and hopefully somewhat regularly too!