FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

ULIXIS? What exactly does that mean?

It doesn't mean anything really. Although I should be more creative & come up with something.  

Really though, I stole the word / name from my partner (boyfriend / roommate) Pat when I decided to create a shop on Etsy. I wanted a creative name that would be easy enough to remember but unique. Meanwhile, Pat's in school for computer science & he & his roommates spent an evening brainstorming a start-up tech company. Pat thought "Ulixis" sounded cool and tech-y ... I thought it sounded perfect.

See? Nothing exciting - just too lazy to think of something myself.

What's next?

Good questions. What do I do next? Right now, I'm trying to find a job in the field of health research. My fingers are crossed that something will come up soon.  

Oh. You meant what's next in my crafting & blogging? Well, more of the same for a while I think. I'll continue blogging every day & playing around with my beads, papers, paints & fabrics. I think I'll be concentrating more on original art pieces for a bit though. I also want to make some buttons for both my blog (so that others can display a link to my blog on theirs) and some of my regular features (in case anyone else wants to participate in Friday Five & link up for example). 

Do you do custom orders?

Yes - I love custom orders! It's so much fun making someone's vision come alive.

Jewelry - see some beads or a design you like, but want to change something? Have some beads you want me to make into something? Just ask! I've also made a couple of lanyards upon request & some rosaries as gifts, something I don't carry in my shop, so let your imagination run wild!

Sewing - see some fabric or a design you like? Have a new design you'd like to see me try (keeping in mind my amateur sewing status)? Ask away! I'm working on adding more cross-stitches, aprons & Christmas designs, so if you'd like to be first in line, email me.

Paper - I love making custom notebooks. I especially love customizing the cover with a collage - just ask if you have any picture in mind. Same goes for a custom goddess ACEO or painting. Globe are another favourite - I can make a bunch of matching ones for a collection or a party. Bulk orders of smaller items are not my favourite custom order, but I will consider them too.

Have a question for me? Email me or leave it in a comment & I will get back to you!

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