Monday, September 19, 2016

Pregnancy: Our Gender Reveal

As I think I've mentioned, I didn't want to do anything big for our gender reveal - I really just wanted to tell our parents in a special way. In that end, there are no pictures from the reveal (though I do wish I had snapped a photo of my mom's face! Haha!) - but I did take some photos of the cards I made.

So here is our reveal:


I'm so so so excited - I couldn't be happier! I didn't have any special feeling or inclination either way, so I am over the moon and cannot wait to hold our little boy!

That being said, there were quite a few shocked grandparents! My mom was SO convinced I was having a girl - SO convinced she swayed Pat's mom, sisters and my sister-in-law into thinking the same thing. Ha! Surprise!!! Obviously, it didn't matter either way, but the shock-factor was on point. I loved it.

Anyway, here are a few more detailed shots of the cards:
To make these cards, I started by designing the card to fit my idea, then I measured and cut out three of them from watercolour paper. I made one for my parents, one for Pat's parents and one for my gramma. After taping the front flaps off, I achieved a watercolour effect with watercolours and gelatos in either blue or pink. I used a salt resist for some texture. Next, I added more layers with a splatter of acrylic paint, again in pinks, blues and white. Once the fronts were done, I repeated the same steps for the inside heart - using only blue this time! Finally, it was a simple matter to add the lettering and fold them back up for the big reveal.

I'm so happy with how these turned out! Next crafty project: painting the nursery!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Pregnancy: Week 20-22

I'm trying to take photos every 2 weeks - it's hard to see any changes in my belly day-to-day, so these really help me see some progress. Plus, there are some excited grandparents that don't get to see us very often..

That being said, there's definitely not a huge difference in the last 2 weeks:
week 20 (above) + week 22 (below)

Maybe side-by-side will make it more obvious?
Maybe a small growth?

Over the last 2 weeks, I've been feeling movement more and more, to the point where it's daily now. I just wish Pat could feel it - but as soon as he puts his hand on my belly, all movements stop! Hopefully soon!