Friday, February 1, 2008

Featuring: onathousandhills

Luckily, today is a snow day so that I can catch up on my features. Thursday's I'm on campus all day, so it's difficult to get a post in... Hence, the double features I'll be posting most Fridays. :)

Anyway, today I'm starting with the lovely bead work done by Cheryl, showcased in her Etsy shop, On a Thousand Hills. Her shop is new enough, so there are only a few beautifully beaded items. My favourite is this pretty in purple necklace and bracelet set. The gorgeous cat-eye beads are set between black and clear beads, with pressed flower beads as spacers on the necklace. A simple set that is sure to look stunning with anything.

Another item that caught my eye, with Valentine's day in mind of course, is this shimmering heart embroidered cuff bracelet. You can't see very well in this small picture, but the bottom of the cuff is embroidered in a wave pattern, which really picks up the light. The heart and flowers are made of wooden beads, and the shimmery beads are a champagne colour, for a nice earthy, but still glam feel.

I don't want to show you too much more so that it's a surprise when you go check out on a thousand hills. Do check out her blog too for some more great features!

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On A Thousand Hills said...

Thank you, Amanda. Very nice write-up of my shop. :)