Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New earrings!!

OK, I really need to get back to work now. But I've been having such a great day ~ so very productive! I recently purchased some brass filigree chandelier dangly things, but didn't have any other brass components to work with them. Then I found CigarboxSupplies (what are the odds that this shop name is so similar to the one I just featured!?). The most perfect item was offered ~ a set of kidney ear wires, bead caps, headpins and jump rings, all in brass. A sort of starter kit for anyone interested in trying brass out, without having to get oodles of supplies. It turned out quite nicely for me!
I haven't figured out a nice design for the chandelier dangles, but I did play around with some bead caps and made these gorgeous dew drop earrings! I used some great iolite rondelles ~ they're mostly clear, but pick up greens and purples, depending on the light. I was very tempted to keep them for myself, but I have other ideas for that!!

Oh yeah, keep an eye out ~ I've been working on a new accordion memory notebook and it's going to be very spring / Easter-y!!!

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