Friday, November 2, 2007

More trades! And another treasury!!

How exciting! I've made 3 more trades!! I'm just loving this ~ I would definitely recommend to any sellers looking to boost their sales and rating to trade, trade, trade! It's so much fun, and there really isn't anything to lose!

My first trade of the morning was with AriaImages. This was a really great trade, I'm getting so much free stuff! This shop was full of amazing photos, it was really difficult to choose! I went for the cherry blossoms series ~ as you can see, these prints are gorgeous!! So bright and vibrant! Mel wanted the small white leaf notebook listed as a pair with a brown one. She also wanted a button bracelet (and went with the crystal flowers one ~ very simple and pretty), so to even it out, she threw in another 4x6 print. I chose this one, called Venice Afternoon. I have always wanted to travel, and Italy is the first place I want to go. I think this photo is beautiful ~ I want to go so badly!!

I'm getting these prints because I have a blank wall in my bedroom. I've had enough. I have a few other flower pictures in my apartment, and I thought these would go well. I think the colours in the Venice photo go well with the next trade I made, as well as with other pictures I have.

My next print and trade came from Pix4Kix. Another amazing shop!! Etsy really is full of great photographers. Not to mention hundreds of other terrific artists. This print is called Flitting Hummingbird and is an 8x7 and the black background matches another 8x7 picture I have in my bedroom. They're all going to look so nice! I can't wait to get and frame them! I wonder what sort of frames I can find on Etsy...? Although if I'm really impatient I might just shop at the dollar store, hehe. I am a student after all.

I'm really excited about the next trade. I contacted PrettyPetalSoaps specifically for these ~ I can't wait to try out this handmade lip balm and flower shaped glycerin soap. Store bought products, especially certain lip balms, really damage my skin (I get all rashy, it's really gross), so I'm hoping that this will be gentle. It's made with shea butter, almond oil and beeswax, so I'm pretty certain I'm going to love them.. Some And this soap is adorable. I'm not going to want to use it. I might give it as part of a gift for Christmas though... we'll see. I traded both of these for the positively pink button bracelet. It's going to her daughter ~ I really hope she likes it!

PLUS, I also made another trade this afternoon. I'm going to be making her a custom notebook, so the trade hasn't happened yet. I'll post about it when it happens!

Oh yeah... I made another treasury today!! I love them ~ they're so much fun! And addictive... I've always noticed the front page and wanted to make one, but I didn't realize that there was a treasury and that's where the front page ones came from. And that anyone could make one if they were patient enough to get in. And I am!!! This time I called it Goldenrod... I love the beautiful yellow-gold tones in these pieces, ranging from slightly green to slightly orange. Why don't you check it out? Anyway, other than that (which was amazingly great) I also received ... FOUR packages today! They're all really great, but you'll have to wait for my next post to hear about them and see photos. I think this post is long enough as it is..

p.s. I also posted 2 new button bracelets on my shop. You should go check them out, they're both very pretty and great as a gift for the holidays (although they would both look amazing throughout the holidays)!

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