Thursday, November 22, 2007

Featuring: Tiffany Teske

It is certainly evident, from my featured artist's shop, TiffanyTeske, that photography is her passion. She has been playing with cameras ever since, at 7 years old, she was given one during a family trip. During high school, the science teacher showed her how to use a dark room ~ not as a course, but as part of the after school photography club. Of course, when it came time to decide on University, Tiffany went for something sensible ~ nursing, actually. But it wasn't long before her true love took hold and she graduated from the University of Maine at Augusta with both an Associate of Arts in Photography and a joint BA in Art and Photography. Quite impressive, and it shows in her shop. Lucky for her, it was during her time at University that she met her husband ~ a Canadian. Seems like his roots were stronger than hers, and they now find themselves in Banff, Alberta with their toddler, Quinlyn.

And just looking at this one photo, with stunning pink poppies in all their glory, we can give thanks that Tiffany chose not to continue on with nursing! In fact, these pink lovelies are a gorgeous 4x6 print on a 5x7 card ~ making this a wonderful card to send for any occasion, and one that your recipient is likely to keep and frame (the larger card serving nicely as matting).

Please do check out this shop! 10% of all sales at TiffanyTeske go to her local Victory Thrift Shop's snowsuit and winter clothing fund. What a great cause in which to lend your support! As a bonus, all pendants (which feature original photo by TiffanyTeske) have FREE shipping until the end of the year. Perfect for gift giving this holiday season (especially for anyone with a tight budget!)!! If you don't see a pendant you like, but do love a particular photo, just send a convo and ask for a custom one! Although I assume it would be better to be sooner than later, especially if you want to get one for the holidays ~ I'm sure it's going to get quite busy for everyone! As an example, here is my favourite pendant ~ decked out with purple coneflowers, which look like blooming daisies, my favourite flowers! The warm orange of the bamboo tile brings out the striking burgundy of the centres of the flowers. Oh yeah, did I mention that shipping is FREE??!?

You can also ask Tiffany to be on her mailing list, that way to can get updates on any specials or new items. Furthermore, if you can't see anything you like just yet ~ or can't decide on something for someone else, you can always get a gift certificate for later use. And something to always keep in mind: Tiffany is willing to trade! Just ask her if you see something you like (have I mentioned that this is such a great way to increase your sales and feedback rating?)!

Here are a couple more of my favourites. This photo is called funky felt by the bushel, and it's a very homey original image ~ it reminds me of home, my gramma knitting by the fire. You'll have to go to the listing to find out how this photo was made ~ it sounds slightly complicated and very tricky! Either way, it came out gorgeously, with very warm tones that would look very cozy in any library, den, living or sitting room.

Another card that I really like is this orchard gems. Those juicy apples look good enough to eat ~ they are literally making my mouth water!! What a pretty card to send a thoughtful note any time of the year (but especially in the summer and fall)! Plus, as the card above, it comes with it's own matting, making it a very versatile piece of stationary ~ it could easily be framed, and would look outstanding in a kitchen!

Finally, I found this card in TiffanyTeske's clearance section. It's called wedded bliss, which makes it perfect for me! My brother is getting married in the summer, and the colour his fiancee has chosen is light yellow (I'm the only bridesmaid, and I'm having trouble finding a dress in this colour this time of the year ... hopefully in the spring). This would make a perfect card to send for the wedding or for the shower! Daisies, as I've said, are a favourite in our home, and that bouquet would be extremely appropriate. I've definitely marked it as a favourite so that I remember it in the spring!

This is only a small selection of TiffanyTeske originals!! Please check out her shop!! Her artwork can also be found at a few different places online: her website, trunkt (wow! This really attests to her superb photography), Flickr, another image site and IndiePublic. Plus, if you're looking for collage and mixed media supplies, check out her other Etsy shop: queenqq (which is still a work in progress). Of course, don't forget her blog, where you can find great features on other amazing artists taking part in the challenge.

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