Monday, August 20, 2012

My Birthday Weekend

Tomorrow is my birthday!

I used to get hugely excited for my birthday every year, but this year has been a bit more subdued. I guess I must be growing up! I don't have any big plans this year - Pat's working - but I will be having dinner at Mandarin and opening a few gifts from my mom (I'm expecting my package today).
This weekend we did have a bit of fun though. Like having Marbleslab ice cream for supper Saturday night. Yum! Then, yesterday we went out to Puddicombe Farms, Estates and Winery.
We picked 5 pounds of pears. I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do with them all, but I imagine plenty of pear crisps, tarts and some sauce are in the near future! We also grabbed a basket of peaches - a peaches & pear crisp will definitely be in the works... probably not until next weekend after all our indulgences in the past few (and coming) days.
We can't go to Puddicombe without stopping for a taste test (we've been twice to pick apples). I tried an ice wine and a cranberry fruit wine. Pat tried this pear cider and decided to go with a bottle. I chose a bottle of pear fruit wine - I've had it before and it's wonderful!

Oh and speaking of indulgences: 
Fresh fudge - the mint one is to die for! I'm looking forward to going back to Puddicombe in a month or so for apple picking. It's always a good time!
Now I think I may just break out the balloons and streamers and make this place a bit more festive! 

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Unknown said...

Happy Birthday! The pears look wonderful.

Birthdays let less and less as time goes on.It's OK, you reach a time in life where less is more.

Except fresh fruit. Never with fresh fruit! More is ALWAYS more!