Tuesday, August 21, 2012

List: 27 Things To Do Before Turning 27

It's my 26th birthday!
I like making these goal lists for two reasons: to motivate myself during the year to come and in order to keep track of my fluctuating tastes and passions. It's fun looking back to see what I wanted to accomplish a year ago and coming up with ideas for next year.

First, let's do a quick update of my 26 Things list:

26 Things To Do Before I Turn 26:
  1. read 50 new (to me) books
  2. write a short story - started one at least
  3. publish a zine
  4. publish a scientific article
  5. write a guest blog post 
  6. learn a 3rd language - only just started learning Dutch on a whim
  7. learn a programming language - took a short course on javascript and html
  8. refresh my blog and increase readership by 50%
  9. journal everyday: write, draw or collage - more or less
  10. make a series of paintings (3 to 5) - paintings of kids
  11. work on series of ACEOs - get to 20 for each (Klimt Goddesses, Women in Science, Strong Women) - worked on them but didn't get close to 20 each
  12. make myself an article of clothing and wear it
  13. make all the recipes from World Breads by Paul Gayler
  14. start a new, healthier diet
  15. eat what you buy - waste less - sort of
  16. use the green bin diligently
  17. practice yoga daily - again, more or less
  18. take a dance or exercise class
  19. learn to walk in heels and look good doing it
  20. visit another country (besides the US) - visited the US...
  21. walk in the ocean
  22. go camping alone with Pat
  23. move to a new city and explore
  24. host a tea party
  25. find a family doctor and get a full physical
  26. find a job
13/26 crossed off (more or less...) - not too shabby! Some of these goals were a little lofty, so I'm pretty happy with where I am. I just wish I had crossed off #26 (and #23 along with it)...

Anyway, here's the next installment:

27 Things To Do Before Turning 27:
  1. read 50 new books
  2. finish my Krez short story
  3. find a job 
  4. read 5 French books
  5. volunteer (animal rescue? Hospital?)
  6. take a course (dance, exercise, art, work, etc)
  7. learn (to read) Dutch fluently
  8. visit another country
  9. bake 27 new recipes
  10. visit 3 new farms / wineries 
  11. ride some roller coasters  
  12. go swimming in the ocean 
  13. go skating outdoors at least once
  14. find 5 new hiking trails
  15. bike more than once all summer!
  16. develop a new exercise routine including daily yoga
  17. design logos for Ulixis, blog and shops
  18. design and sell another journaling workshop
  19. design a calendar for 2014 (2013?)
  20. start a new 365/52 project (collage a day/week)
  21. make 3 downloadable files for the blog (reading list, calendar, art, agenda, etc)
  22. increase blog readership by 50%
  23. run another ACEO-X
  24. finish 2 cross-stitch pieces
  25. paint that plain tea pot
  26. make myself an article of clothing and wear it
  27. make 27 new coptic notebooks
This list feels a bit more attainable. Motivational.

I'm looking forward to the year ahead - are you?


Angie said...

You've had a productive year!!

"More or less"...makes me giggle

hehe, #20, you said besides the US

Way to go for starting to learn Dutch... my grandparents on both sides are fluent, my dad can't speak it but can understand it...I used to know a bunch of Dutch songs as a kid, but when we moved up to Verner, all that went away. Probably would have known a few phrases if I had stayed around London area as a kid.

Nicole's Homemade Treats...The Blog said...

GOOD LUCK!!!!! You can do it!!