Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Creative Space

Angie received our sketchbook today, which means I can blog about it! I've spent most of my spare time in the last few weeks working on it - adding layers and layers. I'm so happy with how it's developing; I was flipping through it constantly during the time I had it.

Before I show you my pages, go take a look at what Angie sent back to me - I'm going to be showing you pages that she started. You can find an explanation of what we're up to (and my first pages) here.

With that as a starting point, here's what I came up with:
Angie sent me a lovely yellow and orange background - the gradient made me want to add the "exploding" triangles around the edge. The resulting shape reminded me of a heart, so I used India ink in violet - first diluted, then straight from the bottle - to emphasize that. The words came naturally to me after that.
Angie left me another fabulous yellow spread to work with. The texture she used - glass beads - reminded me of a shoreline with rivers running at the right. Her reference to maps in the following page completed the picture in my head. I used brown India ink to make an outline of roads on the landscape. For the smooth green "water" space, I wanted to transfer maps for that lovely transparent look. A few collaged "nets", some washi tape and ink splatter finished this spread. A simple one but definitely one of my favourites so far.
Here's that mention of a map - Angie completed the left side of this spread. I collaged that map on the right down but then stalled. Not sure where I want to go with it... so I'll finish it next time I get the book back.

Well, I still have quite a few photos to go, but I think I'll leave it at that for now. I'll post the pages that I started for Angie's inspiration tomorrow.
I love this Sketchbook Collaboration!

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