Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Creative Space

I was going to post an update on my SMASH* book today since it's both been a while and I have a few new pages finished from my birthday, but then I had a spark of inspiration yesterday. I pulled out my envelopes of magazine bits and sorted out a few favourite words and images. Soon, I had three separate ideas going and completed three quick collages in my large sketchbook:
I was working fast, so I simply used a glue stick and went for it. I arranged the pieces first, glued them in place, then added the masking and washi tapes. In the case of the first and last pages, I glued the words down after the tape. Quick and dirty, but I really like how they turned out. Each of them has a different feel and style: warm, trendy and quirky.

Here are a few more photos of each one:
This one is warm and woodsy with a dash of something like steampunk. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, go on, go in. (I think I gasped when I noticed - after pairing these pieces together because of their colours - that the door is #5.)
This one is modern, trendy and edgy. I love the pops of cobalt blue. I also really like the white space - the pieces were textured enough that I didn't need to fill the entire page, but all the different patterns still really go well together.
This one also has a lot going on - but in a good way. It just makes me smile. Again, similar tones and shapes bring this one together. I like how my eyes wander over the page. I love how it makes me want to pack my bags and go!

You can see more photos in my Flickr photostream. You can find more Creative Spaces here.

A SMASH* update is in the works - promise!

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