Thursday, August 23, 2012

An Early Birthday Gift

When I went up North for a week at the end of July, my sister-in-law gave me my birthday present early for two reasons: she likes to see me open my gifts and there were a couple very breakable items she didn't want to ship in the mail. I've already shown you the mini wine glasses but here are a few other gifts that have made their way into my decor:
A darling little birthstone figurine. I love the abstract heart and his sweet party hat.
Terri-Anne had no idea I had this blue globe and two stained glass birds hanging in my window, but she knows me pretty well. The white glass egg with lime green and light pink swirls is a perfect addition.

She also added to my collection of tiny spoons:
This one is vintage, and although it may be missing the decal at the top, the etchings in the bowl were too pretty to pass up.
This one is really cool - a totem pole spoon - originally carved in argillite, a stone owned exclusively by the Haidas, and then caste in pewter. It's very intricate and all the more interesting after spending some time learning about Emily Carr (again, something my sister-in-law didn't know about but she still had the uncanny ability to know I would love this spoon).

There were a few other little things in my package including some pyjamas and a Christmas decoration. As you might have guessed, I love presents that are composed of a number of smaller gifts - a fact my family knows all to well (to my benefit)! I must say, I am very blessed!

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