Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Vintage Collection

While at home for the long weekend, I went to an antique show with my mom, sister-in-law Terri-Anne & gramma. My gramma wanted to have some photos of a velvet & wicker furniture set that belonged to my grandpa's grandmother appraised. Besides the antique appraisals, there were a number of booths selling antique & vintage items - there was a little bit of everything: toys, furniture, jewelry, dishes, crystal, silver & more. Needless to say, I couldn't resist adding to my collection!

First, a gift from my gramma:
As we were walking through, this was the first item that made me gasp. I knew I had to have these delicate demi-tasse spoons. They come in their original case, lined in velvet & satin:
It was the beautiful colours of the enameling that got me:
Stunning details in sterling silver... & in a miniature size I just can't resist!
The next piece I had to add to my collection was this pint-sized teapot:
I guess I should have shown something with it to give a size reference, but it isn't much taller than 5" - too cute!
The flowers are exquisite & the colour a perfect powder blue.
It's Harmony by Royal Doulton ... I'll have to resist picking up more of these dishes....
Last but not least, Terri-Anne & I split on these funky square mugs.
It was a set of 4: yellow, light blue, sea green & white. She wanted the yellow one & I wanted the green (it almost looks like Jadeite green, but isn't).
We decided that splitting them this way was the best combination. The white shines against this green & the blue looks really fabulous with the yellow.
I'll have to remember to take pictures of Terri-Anne's pair next time I'm at home!

What do you think of my finds?


Deana Mattos said...

love pretty antiques, I have started taking pictures of my finds too, can't wait to post them
great finds

donnarose said...

the spoons are beautiful
I've never seen any like them

Nicole's Homemade Treats...The Blog said...

Wonderful finds! Those mugs ROCK!! I love demitasse spoons - we use them all the time!

Christie Cottage said...

I love the spoons! Great finds!


Angie said...

Those look like great finds!

Mrs Linee said...

Oh my the spoons are stunning - the colours WOW!
I have seen similar to the square mugs, but as ramekins...
Great shopping ☺