Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dreaming in Colour

Do you dream in colour?

Most of the time, I don't remember my dreams. When I do, colour isn't something that typically stands out. I could have been dreaming in colour, but it could very well have been in black & white or something else.

Last night, I definitely dreamed in colour. Rather, a few objects clearly stand out in my mind as having colour. It was a night full of dreams. I woke up a couple times & didn't necessarily go back into the same dream, but all of the sequences were very vivid. Here's what I remember:
  • The first sequence I remember I was in a house, waiting for someone. Except I didn't want them to know I was there, so I was hiding in the closet. At one point, a young girl was hiding with me. The closet had piles of blankets on the floor & I wormed my way into them. I covered myself with a bright red wool blanket. I remember it being thick, heavy & scratchy.
  • I woke up. It seemed like I had been hiding a long time.
  • Next thing I know, I'm in a bedroom in this same house. I'm no longer worried about someone showing up to find me. The young girl & I are getting ready to go to bed. There's a big window opposite the door & I can see a magnificent sunset. The sky is pink & red & orange. I approach the window to get a better look & realize it's actually the moon setting, not the sun. As I watch, the white disc disappears behind the horizon ... but then almost immediately reappears. Then I see an arm - from the elbow down to the hand - appear beside the moon. It's the moon's arm........ and it points to the right, forward (towards me) & to the left. I turn away from the window, stunned. A guy walks into the room & says "that's some sunset!" I tell him it's a moon set & that I'd seen something odd in it. He looks outside.
  • I woke up.
  • Pat's driving me to work. We go up to the emergency entrance, the one I always walk in. I know there was some complications once there, parking & such, but I don't remember it all. I just remember walking into the lobby (which is actually at a different entrance). Some lady is sitting there, stops me by asking if I'm "Amanda Wendy Giesler" ... I say "well, I'm Amanda Giesler, close enough" & approach. She gets up & reveals a teddy bear under her seat. He's brown & sitting, with red hearts or balloons. I think it was some sort of a prize... I sit down at a table with her & a man & she asks for my passport to confirm it's me. I give her my health card because that's what I have on me. She looks it over & then goes through some papers. I don't remember all the details, but they were giving me feedback on my time in the lab & TAing. I get a list of nice things, but the last one is pointed out. She tells me, in a low voice, that there'd been a few complaints about my having really bad B.O. I was shocked & wondered what the heck....
  • I woke up.
  • I'm at home & had just taken off the clothes I was wearing while talking to that lady. I clearly remember my light blue jeans on the living room floor. I'm in my robe & Pat's in bed when there's a knock on the door. I'm flustered, thinking it's the women & I can't answer if I'm not wearing the same clothes she saw me in earlier. I fumble with the clothes as the knocking becomes more insistent. I see the handle turning, so I stumble towards the door to hold it closed. Apparently there's only a chain lock. The door opens a crack & I slam it shut, then look through the peephole. It's an old friend of mine (I recognized her orange hair - I haven't actually spoken to her since undergrad though). She protests, saying she doesn't want to come in, just give me something. So I let her open the door & drop a few packages inside. I don't say a word. I almost open the door to thank her when I realize what she's given me... but I don't. I just watch her get on the elevator through the peephole. The gifts are for my nephew Edward, who was turning 1 soon (in my dream - he's actually 4 now). I explained to Pat that she knew that I was headed home to celebrate because she'd read it on my blog. The gifts were all toys, in bright primary colours. I only remember one of them: a telephone on wheels that you can pull around (we actually do have that toy back home - I think it was originally my younger brothers, but Edward played with it a lot too).
  • I woke up.
The absurdity & vivid details make me laugh. But what sticks out the most is the colour. Red & orange came up again & again. I did a quick search to see what these colours would mean - apparently red, pink & orange indicate passion. Not sure how to interpret that...

So... do you dream in colour?
Do you remember it all being in colour, or just some specific objects? Or do you clearly remember dreaming in black & white or shades of grey?


Mrs Linee said...

WOW WOW WOW what colour...
Yup it has the wow actor indeed...

Mrs Linee said...

Never remember the colour thing... But many years ago when I first Moved to Australia I used to dream about people from here and the location was always somewhere in Glasgow Scotland. Strange - Yet not!

Nicole's Homemade Treats...The Blog said...

99% of the time I do not remember my dreams, but when I do they are always FUNKY! Your sound like a riot!

Amanda said...

Mrs Linee - that does kinda make sense - wanting to engage with people you know in a surrounding more familiar to you.

dreams are so cool. :P