Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Inspiration: Armelle Caron


I first came across the inspiring Armelle Caron on MSOE member minouette's blog. I am absolutely blown away by her "tout bien rangé" (French for all nicely organized) work. In this series, she takes the map of a city & sorts the city blocks by size & shape. This leads to some interesting patterns & a satisfying sense of order. Here are a couple of my favourites:



New York

I love how the older cities have more randomly shaped blocks while the modern New York is almost completely regular. It's neat how such a simple concept came reshape our way of thinking about the world.

While searching through Armelle Caron's site, I came across another inspiring series called "river roots" where the roots of a plant are drawn in as a river with tributaries.
Does that not fit perfectly? I love how this artist reinterprets how we portray this world in which we live!

Do browse through Armelle Caron's site for more inspiring pieces!


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These are really cool!

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Both very cool...thanks for sharing!
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