Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Five

Well... if possible this week was even less eventful than last week. I'm so looking forward to just being done!
  1. I finished The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski. Good book though I wish the ending had been different.
  2. I found out that we have enough Air Miles to get a Kitchenaid stand mixer for free... ummm... yes please!
  3. I started an online course, hosted by CodeLesson, called "A gentle introduction to the Etsy API". This week we learned basic html & css. I actually found a mistake in one of the examples... (just like my high school tests!) But I've realized that I really enjoy web design, so expect to see some changes around here once I get a chance!
  4. I discovered that I've been using the wrong media for my entire Master's. Not the end of the world, but means I have a few more experiments to do. Ugh. I can't believe how careless I was not to notice..
  5. I've listed some new recycled tags - I really like these green ones:
Hope everyone has a great weekend - I'm planning on working on some custom orders & hopefully getting some baking done!


paintingpam said...

yeah for a Kitchenaid mixer--my son wants one.
:-( for the wrong media
Yeah for listing spring tags!

Kelley said...

Those tags are adorable and very spring-like. :)