Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Creative Space

I finished my Map Project just in time to send it off on Monday, the shipping deadline. Last time I showed you, I had the map itself completed and filled in, leaving only the folding and back side to complete. I wanted to include some relevant information about my map on the back that would be revealed with the (un)folding. Here's what I came up with:
Completely folded, you see the flag of the Republic of Krez. For the flag, I wanted to include a border of blue to represent the surrounding sea. I filled in the background in green to represent the Green Knights, Protectors of the Realm (see below). The sword represents safety and freedom while the bone signifies family and honour.
Now let's open this first flap:
Revealing the bottom flap, where I included some "Fast Facts" about the Republic of Krez. Here's a closer look:
Next, we open that flap to reveal one side of the back of the map:
Here, I've written a brief history of the Republic of Krez. I wanted to include this so that the map would make a bit more sense and have a bit more character. Since I'm writing a story set in this land, coming up with a history was necessary anyway. Here's a closer look (I do love my handwriting):
Next, we open this flap (to the left) to reveal the other side of the back:
This is simply a continuation of the history of Krez. Opening this flap to the right reveals my completed map:
I'm so happy with how it turned out! The fold lines really add that finishing touch, making it feel like a legitimate map.

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So... are you curious about the history of the Republic of Krez?

Well, here's a transcript of what I have handwritten on the back of my map (some key words and names are underlined for clarity):

A brief history of the Republic of Krez

Before Krez became a Republic, it was a Kingdom ruled by a succession of unusually cruel and avaricious Kings and Queens (males and females being considered equal in all aspects at this time). The Revolution, preceded by decades of social unrest, began in earnest in the 558th year of Recorded History (R.H.). The leaders of the Revolution were the Order of the Frey, also known as the Green Knights. These knights, the Protectors of the Realm, secretly plotted to overthrow the monarchy and replace them with a democratic republic. The Captain at the time and initiator of the rebellion, Cornelius Drake (for whom Drake Lake and the town of Drake are named), along with two of his trusted comrades, Klay Jefferton and Borras Beel, attempted regicide on the 12th of March, 562 R.H. All three were apprehended by the Royal Guard outside the King’s bedchamber, weapons in hand. King Ulstar immediately had them executed in an attempt to squash the rebellion. At the same time, a warrant was released for the arrest of the remaining Green Knights. These men and women, of which there were 300, continued with renewed vigor, primarily in complete secrecy and then finally in Full Revolt, overthrowing King Ulstar in July 579 R.H.

The Republic of Krez was officially formed in 581 R.H., on the 8th of January, after a period of unrest known as The Deciding. During the formation of the Republic, Krez was divided into five provinces, each with an elected Minister. A separate democratic election determines the Emperor of Krez. The Emperor and Ministers remain in power for five years, with no chance of renewal. At the beginning of the Republic, any male or female above the age of 35 could be elected, but with ongoing wars with Barbary, women slowly lost their rights as equals. By the 700s, women were no longer elected, nor were they sent to complete an apprenticeship after their schooling like their male counterparts. Indeed, girls’ schooling was extended to encompass those years, the girls returning home to be married at the age of twenty. The Order of the Frey, centered at Kleet, was restructured to resemble to Republic, with five captains. These Knights were eventually annihilated after over 200 years of ongoing struggle. In the War of Stars, beginning in 792 R.H., Barbary succeeded in destroying much of the Eastern Bridge, leaving all towns and Kleet in ruin. The Royal Families, dispersed throughout the provinces, are now largely responsible for keeping the peace in provincial lands, organizing elections and recruiting young men to defend Krez from Barbary.

Is anyone interested in reading an excerpt of my story? If so, I may be inclined to post a few paragraphs... let me know in the comments!


H20works said...

It looks great, Amanda!!! I need to remember to show this to my youngest son, he's always making maps and such to his imaginary mid-evil tales.

Lizzie Barbie said...

I never heard of this place before. I'll read it. The map turned out great.