Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Eramosa Karst

On the weekends, Pat and I love to go exploring the many trails and parks in and around Hamilton. Part of the Greenbelt, there are tons of conservation areas and paths to check out, not to mention the Bruce Trail that run along the Niagara Escarpment, connecting Niagara Falls to Hamilton and heading North all the way to Tobemory. Hamilton is also the city of waterfalls, so there's lots of nature to see!

This weekend, we went back to Eramosa Karst (we went last weekend for a short walk late in the day without my camera, so we vowed to go again to check out one of the longer trails). It's quite beautiful, with a number of trails to hike along. It's also big enough that it doesn't seem overly crowded. We passed a few people along the way, but were alone for the most part. The solitude was nice.
The forest was exceptionally lush this time of year.
We stuck to the paths, but it was hard. The forest was easy to walk through; there were plenty of smaller trails leading here and there. It was tempting to just go off and explore.
There were wildflowers everywhere - it was so lovely!
A little later today I'll be posting a few more photos from Eramosa Karst - plus a little more information on what exactly a karst is!

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