Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Eramosa Karst (Part 2)

As I mentioned this morning, Pat and I spent a good part of our Saturday at Eramosa Karst. This beautiful conservation area can be found on the edge of Hamilton - Stoney Creek; it's totally free and open to the public with three major trails of varying length. The area is mostly wooded (though there are some open fields) with many karstic features to enjoy.

So what is a karst anyway?

A karst is a geographical area that is formed primarily by the action of water, dissolving layers of limestone, forming underground caves, disappearing streams, blind valleys and more. Eramosa Karst is significant because it displays a large number of karstic features and is considered to be the best example of a karst in Ontario. Follow the link to learn more.

Here are a few of my photos of some karstic features at Eramosa:

Potruff Cave:

A disappearing stream:

A dry stream bed:

Nexus Cave Window:

There was much more, but after a while, I stopped taking photos and just enjoyed the walk. I know we'll be back there again sometime soon!

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