Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Creative Space

Here's an updated look at my SMASH* book. Click here to see already completed pages and the start of some of the pages shown below. Warning: lots of photos coming up!

Doodling on the cover:

Pages 6-7 (now nearly complete):

Pages 10-11, filling up nicely:

Pages 14-15:
I included some of these flowers on a few pages here and there - I think they add a nice touch:
Page 17:

Pages 18-19:

Pages 20-21:

Pages 22-23:

Pages 24-25:

Pages 32-33:

OK, that's all I'm going to show for now, which I think is plenty! Can I just say how much I love this book?! It's the perfect combination of scrapbook / sketchbook / memory book for me! I love collecting little bits here and there especially for my SMASH* book - and then flipping through my book again and again, looking at all the pretty things I've collected.

If you want to see more close-ups plus a few extra pages that are only just started, head on over to my Flickr photostream.

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