Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Creative Space

Similar to the Map Project, the Chronicle Project was a free project hosted by the Art House Co-op, geared towards getting everyone excited for the next round of the Sketchbook Project. It certainly worked, because I've signed up again this year - both on my own and in a collaborative project with my friend Angie!

(Let's see how many more time I can squeeze the word project into this blog post, ok?)

The Chronicle Project was simple - chronicle a single day - 24 hours - any way you choose. The only restriction was that it fold down flat to 4" x 6". Needless to say, I signed up in a flash. I love making "maps" of my day in my sketchbooks, so I thought this would be the perfect application for the challenge.

Here's my map - follow the arrows and approximate times to see what a typical day is like for me:
Naturally, like my Map Project, I had to do something to the back of the piece, especially on those sections that show when all folded up. Here's what it looks like folded:
For the wider flap, I collaged some pretty paper and wrote out my title: A Typical Day in the Life of Ulixis. I love the soft mint colour and swirling pattern:
On the smaller flap, I went for a more ornate, art nouveau style (inspired by a challenge Angie is working on and happened to mention to me).
This is probably my favourite part - I absolutely love how the floral border turned out!

I kept the rest of it simple - the inside flaps are blank and I signed my name at the back. If you're interested, head on over to my Flickr photostream for some more close-up photos. And while you're at it, check out My Creative Space for more inspiration!