Friday, May 11, 2012

Collections: Tiny Dishes

I don't think I'm the first person to admit that tiny things are adorable. Who hasn't heard someone squealing over baby clothes or shoes? And baby animals? They're probably the most photogenic things out there!

Naturally, being a collector (not a hoarder... there is a difference, ok?), it's hard to resist all the sweet miniatures out there. I'm especially drawn to tiny bowls and dishes, since I can rationalize collecting them - I mean, dishes are useful! I use them all the time and they're an integral part of my home decor. Plus, they aren't very expensive, especially in singles. So... want to see my collection?

Here they are, all laid out (sets are stacked):
Seeing the entire collection like this makes me happy (apologies to any obsessive-compulsives out there: the square bird plate is crooked and bothers me too).

Here's a closer look at the dishes, plus a little background on where I got them.
These finger bowls are too cute and very handy. The set of four on the bottom were a gift from my mom (she found them in Montreal). I found the other set at the Bay here in Hamilton and couldn't resist adding them to the first set - the colours are so lush! I keep these on the shelf over my kitchen sink and use them for just about everything (baking measurements, dipping sauces, used tea bags, etc).

Here are the rest of my "kitchen" bowls:
I keep these in the kitchen as well and also use them a lot. The vintage green Jadeite bowl (another gift from my mom) is the perfect size for a small bowl of cereal, as are the two clear bowls in the bottom left and off-white bowls in the top right. These four are the same; I bought them at IKEA - they were the beginning of my small bowl collection.
The four white bowls at the bottom match my vintage dishes collection - the pattern is Swiss Alpine by Marcrest. I love the size of these - they remind me of my gramma. She called these small bowls "fruit nappies" and would serve us oranges (cut up in small pieces, sprinkled with sugar) in them.
Lastly, the tiny glass bowl in the middle is vintage - it was a gift included with some of my Marcrest dishes. I love the flowery etchings.

The rest of my collection can be found sprinkled throughout my home, usually serving some purpose, though sometimes just for decor.
The wooden bowl at the top left is handmade; I found it in an unusual Asian shop in Toronto (during an excursion with a couple undergraduate friends). It resides on Pat's dresser and collects coins. The white bowl at the top is another gift from my mom (she certainly knows me well!). I like its odd shape. I keep it on the bedside table to gather jewelry I take off right before bed. The blue bowl (bottom left) is the newest addition to my collection. I found it online in my friend Kara's vintage shop. It's on my desk right now, holding a newly crafted bracelet. The last tiny dish is a souvenir I picked up for myself when I was in Denver last May. It's on the coffee table, serving no function except decoration (though I have used it to hold used tea bags on occasion).

These five leaf shaped plates also came from Kara's vintage shop. I think they may be Japanese? You may have seen them before - the red one is part of my living room decor (holding a stone etched with "believe", some greenery and a few foreign/rare coins), the other four are on my dresser, organizing my jewelry.

Finally, this last set is composed of three purely decorative pieces (on the left) and two more jewelry holders (on the right). The two aqua glass bowls should be familiar - they're part of the glassware display in my living room. I found them at Vested Interest, a cool shop in North Bay.
This lovely little plate has been in my possession for a long time (so I guess the IKEA bowls aren't technically the start to my collection... though they were the first bowls). I think I found it at a rummage type sale in Sturgeon Falls, when I was around 10 maybe? I was drawn to the floral design and colours... and, ok, the size. I've always been a miniature lover! (I remember finding a miniature teapot, tea cup and saucer at the same place; I have a vivid memory of drinking pop with it, despite having to refill the tiny pot multiple times. I just don't know what ever happened to it... I wish I knew!)
Along with the little plate above, this little heart-shaped dish holds some of my jewelry. I've had this heart for a very long time as well, even longer than the plate. I'm pretty sure I snagged it from my mom at some point. It may be my great-grandmother's...? Either way, it's been on my dressers for as long as I can remember and holds a special place in my heart.
Last but certainly not least is this adorable handmade bird plate. I traded with FirstLightGlass for him. He has a place on the shelving under my glassware display (the colours play well together).

So there you have it! That's my collection of tiny dishes, though I'm sure it won't stay this size for long! I simply cannot resist small bowls!

Which piece is your favourite?


Nicole's Homemade Treats...The Blog said...

The are all cute, but as much as I love jadeite I have to say the bird is my favorite!!

Deana Mattos said...

This collection is beautiful and nice to read the story behind them. I have two little dishes from firstlightglass too. I didn't realize it but looking at your collection I have accumulated quite a small bowl collection too for the same reason, the sheer cuteness and usefulness of them. I will try to share mine also.

Katherine said...

Oh, they're all so lovely. That blue green vintage find is my favorite, I love the colors. The brightly-colored finger bowls are a close second, though.

I love seeing people's collections! I think they are such a fun insight into someone's personality. Thanks so much for sharing!

Kara Lennox said...

Oh, how nice that I can visit my bowl! ;)

I have a collection of egg cups. Still packed away. Someday I'll get them out and display them again.