Friday, May 25, 2012

Inspiration: Book Quotes

A while ago, I posted about my little notepad of quotes. I love words and phrases (and collecting), so naturally I collect quotes that I find inspiring or speak to me in one way or another.
In the beginning, I filled my book mostly with poems, day-to-day snippets and well-known adages (some of which you can see here). Progressively though, these have given way to more and more "book quotes" - excerpts from novels I've read over the years. I thought I'd share a few of my favourites today.
First, here are some excerpts that make me think (starting with the one above).

A state of chronic powerlessness eats away at a person.   - 1Q84 (p.132) by Haruki Murakami

We can all of us be hurt, and no one is exclusively safe from worry and sadness.   - The Sisters' Brothers (p.50) by Patrick DeWitt

"Most people are chained to their own fears and stupidity and haven't the sense to level a cold eye at just what is wrong in their lives. Most people will continue on, dissatisfied but never attempting to understand why, or how they might change things for the better, [...]"   - The Sisters' Brothers (p.295) by Patrick DeWitt

But what family isn't a ghost story? Sharing tales of those we've lost is how we keep from really losing them. - For One More Day (p197) by Mitch Albom

Other quotes catch my eye because they remind me of myself. These are especially compelling when they refer to some of my quirkier traits. It's reassuring knowing I'm not the only weirdo who feels like this!

He remembers this trait of hers: how she is able to conduct entire conversations without ever once looking at you.   - Eden Close (p.86) by Anita Shreve

[...] she felt only revulsion for any kind of religious fundamentalists. The very thought of such people's intolerant worldview, their inflated sense of their own superiority, and their callous imposition of their beliefs on others was enough to fill her with rage.   - 1Q84 (p.103) by Haruki Murakami

[...] and as she walked amidst the hum of insects she felt sweep over her that old nostalgia, that almost painful longing which so often took her, a yearning for something which she must seize and grasp with all her strength.   - Three Loves (p.73) by AJ Cronin

That barrier was himself: laughter and easy companionship cut off by the curious inhibition of his temperament.   - Three Loves (p.124) by AJ Cronin

Fond as I was of individual women - Bree, Marsali, Lizzie and even Mrs. Bug - I had to admit that taken en masse, I found men much easier to deal with. [...] I found men soothingly logical and - with a few striking exceptions - pleasingly direct.   - The Fiery Cross (p.334) by Diana Gabaldon

I have many more, but I think I'll end with just one final quote. This one hits close to home - it reverberates through my mind, particularly when I think about the elders I have lost.
[dead] Gone now with all that it had ever known, all that it had ever witnessed.  - Queen of the Damned (p.29) by Anne Rice
What's your favourite book quote? 

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