Friday, February 24, 2012

My Yoga Challenge

Last Friday, I started the 21-day yoga challenge set out by the Yoga Journal. Today marks day 8. I haven't missed a single day, practicing the beginner sequences & sometimes following that with 15 minutes of meditation. I haven't been consistent with the meditation, but that's OK because I have been with the yoga.

And I feel great! It's working out wonderfully for me, despite my never having a regular exercise routine before. Here are 5 reasons why I think this one is working for me:
  1. The variety is keeping me interested. I wake up each morning excited to try the new routine & most afternoons I spend a few minutes looking ahead to see what I have to look forward to the next morning.
  2. All of the routines are around or under 30 minutes long - which means no excuses! It's too easy to fit into my daily routine. I usually do it in the morning, before breakfast, so that it doesn't feel like it's taking any time out of my day at all.
  3. After practicing my yoga, I feel energized & ready to tackle the day. As a result, my productivity levels have increased significantly. Not only that, but it's become easier getting up in the mornings too.
  4. My mood has improved as well - I find I have a better attitude towards my day, myself & my exercise routine. I'm taking care of myself & it feels good.
  5. Results! I've already noticed an improvement in my flexibility & strength & it's only going to keep getting better!
I've decided that once I've finished 21 days with the beginner sequences, I'm going to move onto the intermediate cycle. This essentially doubles my challenge, but in a good way. I'm already impatient to start the harder routines, but I know I'm not ready yet.

As Jason Crandell, one of the instructor, said in yesterday's routine: be patient, be persistent & be practical. That may just become my new yoga motto, because it sums up what I've learned quite nicely. You can't rush yoga - you can't expect to be as flexible as the instructor, especially if you don't practice daily. And most importantly, don't push it. If the posture is uncomfortable, pull back a little until you're more flexible.

So now the only question that remains is... why haven't you started the challenge?

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Angie said...

Glad to hear it working out so well. Yoga isn't my go to workout so thats why I'm passing on this challenge.