Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekly Forecast

I had a pretty great week last week, though that's usually the case when it's a short week after a relaxing long weekend. Still, I was productive with my job search, met with a friend for coffee, kept up with my daily yoga & even started a new blog!It was my friend's idea - I really want a medical writing position & she thought a science-based blog would be a good platform to get my writing out there. That way, my science posts won't get lost in the shuffle on this blog & I can make it a bit more professional. If you'd like to follow along, head on over to Science Byte - I'd love the company!

Anyway, here's what I'm up to this week:
  • dentist appointment on March 1st (1 tiny cavity & 2 old filling to replace)
  • apply to at least 5 jobs a day
  • follow my yoga practice daily
  • incorporate more fresh fruit & veggies into my diet
  • update my 3 Etsy shops: create new banners, update my profile & listings, list some old inventory & plan for some new items (I meant to do this last week, but concentrated on my job search instead)
As for blogging this week, keep an eye out for:
  • a final look at my February blog sponsors & an introduction to my March sponsors
  • a book recommendation
  • a look at my updated shops including some new items
  • a reveal of one of my new projects for March
  • a new science post or 2 over at Science Byte
As usual, I've planned a pretty busy week, which means it'll fly by & be March before I know it! Spring is just around the corner - can you feel it?

I hope everyone has a great start to March!

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