Saturday, February 11, 2012

Project 52: 6/52

Week 6 - here's my photo: I just finished reading the Harry Potter series yesterday (pretty good, I read the first 4 in high school and they were better than I remember them) so last night I had to jump into book 5 of George R.R. Martin's Game of Thrones series - A Dance with Dragons. When I took the dust jacket off it, I was delighted to see this beautiful golden medallion on the front. I just may have to try my hand at something similar in my sketchbook!

I also have an outtake for today. I wasn't sure if I wanted the title on the spine to show or not (but I went with the above since you could see the design better): I also almost went with a photo of my teapot collection, but since I'd already shown them on my blog, I decided against it. The whole point of this project is to take more photos, so I don't want to "reuse" any.

I'd love it if you'd participate with me in this challenge! The rules are simple - take 1 photo a week, for 52 weeks. No theme, just a photo of something that sparked your interest during the week. Feel free to use my Project 52 banner as well. Either right click on the image above & save it on your computer, or follow this link & download it from Flickr.

Once you've taken your photo, post it online somewhere & add your link in the submission box below.

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DanSox said...

Is your copy of DwD a first edition? I'm trying to figure out if the embroidery is on all the books or just the first editions. My suspicion is that it's on all of them. Great blog!