Monday, September 17, 2012

My Vintage: Felt Fedora

This summer, my gramma mentioned to me that her sister-in-law was downsizing and looking to get rid of a cloche hat that had belonged to my great-grandmother (gramma's mom, my mom's memère). Knowing that I like my hats, especially cloches, they wanted to offer it to me before throwing or giving it away. Of course I said yes!

While I was home in July, I spent a couple days with my grandparents. We went to see my great-aunt and I picked up the hat. I'll show it to you another day though, because I want to show you this one first. While visiting, my gramma remembered another hat that used to belong to her mom... after a bit of digging, out came this gorgeous felt fedora (well... not technically a fedora I don't think - the crown is rounded and the brim is upturned):
After taking that first photo, I realized I wasn't wearing any makeup (as usual). So I slicked on some cherry gloss for the rest of the pictures because I'm fancy like that.

I absolutely love the versatile navy; the striped ribbon adds the perfect amount of flair. I'm so glad the cooler weather is finally here so that I can wear it!

Details: tag: "Created by M'sieu Léon for Canadian Hat MFG. Corp., Montreal Canada" - printed on the felt inside the crown: "fine imported wool felt, Made in Poland, Canadiana" - if anyone has some information about this hat / company, please leave me a comment!

Do you wear hats? What's your favourite style? I'm still partial to cloches, but this one is really fun! I wore it out for the first time today (for a Tim Horton's run) and it definitely won't be the last!

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Angie said...

Very cute hat! I personally don't wear them, I think its' a 'head claustrophobia' thing. The only time you will see me wearing one is after snowboarding...and that's only because my hair looks like something the monster dragged out when I take off my helmet after a day on the slopes, and it needs a hat to cover it lol.