Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Creative Space

Last week I showed you pages in my altered Amber book - here are a couple more (since all I've been doing in my creative space is work on our collaborative sketchbook I can't show yet).

First, a very old page - you can tell I was still learning the ropes. I started with a gesso wash, then paint and collage. I loved the colours so much that I couldn't cover it. It stayed that way a long time. Much later, I had some blue glitter glue in my glue gun that I needed to get rid of before making a wreath - so I added it to the page. It isn't my favourite page, not even close, but I do still love the colours.

Next is one of my favourite pages, and a more recent one. I started with a gesso wash, then a collage followed by another gesso wash to soften the edges. Some of the elements I used - the bus pass and stamp - made me think of this quote by Anna Huttenlocker (from a scientific article on migration). A bit of washi tape almost finished the spread...
The top left corner still needed something, so I looked through my stash and found a mini "post card" that fit perfectly with my theme. I didn't want to glue it down though since the back was as pretty as the front. Instead, I made a little pocket and attached it with baker's twine and a couple eyelets.
You can see more pages in this altered book in this folder on my Flickr. More creative spaces here.

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Angie said...

I love that little postcard, and the bright green washi tape really pops and brings everything together - so lovely!