Friday, September 7, 2012

Monthly Forecast: September

September started off with a bang: Pat's cousin's wedding was on the first (what a fun night!). Since then we've traveled back home, had company (one of Pat's cousins), kicked off the football season and watched a few live games (at least Pat did). Hopefully, for me, this month will also lead to a job (please, please, please) and healthier teeth (I'm getting a [mini] wisdom tooth pulled on the 13th.... which brings me to 6 wisdom teeth in total! Two more full-sized ones to go!).

To me, September means the beginning of autumn - I'll be taking out my fall decorations this weekend! With the changing seasons comes a tendency to nest, to prepare for the impending winter. I've been cooking and baking and making lists much more regularly. I feel the need to plan.

So here's what's in the works for this month:
  • JOB SEARCH: I need to find absolutely anything this month 
  • celebrate Pat's 28th birthday on the 7th
  • finish the Institute for Healthcare Improvement course I'm taking
  • The Sketchbook Project Collaboration - send it back to Angie after finishing my pages
  • daily yoga  
  • hike every weekend, go for walks or bike rides during the week - enjoy the beautiful weather!
  • eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables - hit up a few farmer's markets for extra freshness 
  • journal daily - catch up on 366Pages and work on my personal Sketchbook Project 
As for blogging, here are a few things you can look forward to:
  • the last few vintage "finds" I inherited from my grandmother and great-grandmother 
  • photos from our hikes and walks around Hamilton - the Locke St Festival in particular
  • pages from my many sketchbook, including the Sketchbook Project Collaboration
  • collections: beautiful coffee table books 
  • recipes: fall fruit
  • recommend: a few books I've read recently
I also really need to revisit Science Byte and update that blog a bit. I have something nutrition-based in the works.

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I hope everyone has a wonderful and productive month!

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