Friday, September 28, 2012

My Vintage: Fur Cloche and Collar

As I mentioned last week, I inherited a couple of hats from my great-grandmother, an obviously very stylish woman. This one is a mink cloche and comes with a matching collar. Yes, it is genuine mink fur. No, I don't feel bad about wearing it. While I don't condone killing animals to make coats and accessories, I don't think that antique and vintage fur or leather pieces should be destroyed. Especially beautiful pieces such as these:
I love the style of this cloche - the little gold clasp and leather "bow" add the perfect amount of sass. The collar is hard to see, but has snaps at the back so that it can be attached to the collar of a coat. There's no label inside this antique hat, but the lining is a mesh with a black pattern containing a "G" in it (not the Gucci G though my gramma does remember her mom paying a pretty penny for this set). If anyone has any details, I'd love to know more about this cloche! 


Katherine said...

Ahh I'm so jealous of your awesome vintage hats! They're gorgeous!

Angie said...

That will be so warm this winter!! All the old folks are saying it's supposed to be a nasty one

Lizzie Barbie said...

Very pretty!
Amanda Thank you for emailing me about the notebook giveaway. I had forgotten but you came at a great time! I haven't been on my blog for a few months, been really busy being pregnant, but I'm coming back soon to link up to your Mosaics :)
I emailed you my address on Twitter.
Thank you! Have a great night.

Lizzie Barbie said...

I was not able to email you on Twitter so here is my address anyways...
1727 W Emelita ave Ap 1087 Mesa, AZ 85202